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TaskRabbit SF is Hopping!

As you know, we launched our newest TaskRabbit branch in San Francisco on June 19th, and our team of Founding Runners has been “getting it done” for customers all over the city. We’ve been busy in neighborhoods from the Mission to the Marina. Our live activity feed reveals a great deal about current events in San Francisco. Our Runners have served as proxies in long lines to pick up the iPhone 4, and one customer turned to the TaskRabbit community in hopes that its “eyes on the street” would know exactly where to find a rainbow bandanna for last weekend’s Pride celebration.
“The bandanna that was delivered was even better than what I had envisioned,” Customer Deanna M. said. “I celebrated in style without wasting several hours and a whole bunch of gas searching local stores.”

That’s not where the creativity ends. Erika D. helped Sally M. get in shape without even ruffling her rabbit ears by calling her for workout accountability. “I asked her specifically about her workouts — intense yoga session, indoor rock climbing, surfing,” Erika D. said, “and also sent encouraging text messages and voicemails about getting a good night’s sleep in order to complete the workout for the next day.” Resourceful traveler V W. turned to Marlene M. who picked up V W.’s laundry returned it nice and clean before the end of the day.

Devon L.’s first task was a sweet treat: he picked up a delicious box of Specialty’s cookies as an interoffice gift. Some customers are testing the limits of TaskRabbit’s abilities; Jim S. is a last minute kind of guy and posted a task at 6:17 p.m. requiring pick ups at stores across town that closed at 7:00 and 7:30 p.m., respectively. “I honestly didn’t think my task could be done before the stores closed,” Jim S. said, but he was pleasantly surprised when he found everything on his doorstep.

We’re excited to see what San Franciscans can come up with next. Save a parking spot at Ocean Beach on our next warm and clear day? Provide a ride home to a few Giants fans after the next game? It’s up to you, but whatever it is, TaskRabbit can get it done.