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TaskRabbit Perk Program

TaskRabbit has recently been working with a few companies to offer our service as a great perk to their employees.  News broke last week on Gawker regarding a partnership we are exploring, where employees can use TaskRabbit to get laundry done, dry cleaning picked up, help around the house, grocery shopping, etc.

The perks are obvious – employees get the extra help they need and some work life balance, while companies get happy and loyal employees that are more focused on their work (without the stresses of the “little” stuff). Popular posts by people include taking shoes to the cobbler, getting Ikea furniture assembled, bags of donations picked up, and groceries delivered.

It is a competitive market to keep employees happy, and TaskRabbit as a perk helps to differentiate one work environment from another.

We’ve started four-week pilots to test the offering with employees, the goal is to find out how the program works internally, what tasks would employees use, and the overall response from employees.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive throughout these pilots.

TaskRabbit is about harnessing the power that has always existed in a community, and empowering both sides of a marketplace to get things done by creating a trend we call Service Networking.  Our visionary partners, are always looking for new ways to reward and support their employees, and we are proud we can offer TaskRabbit as an exciting and innovative addition to their perk programs.  Are you interested in rewarding your employees with TaskRabbit as a perk?  Drop us a note, we’d be happy to chat: info at taskrabbit dot com.