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TaskRabbit of the Month: June


In June, we had thousands of stellar TaskRabbits completing Tasks all over San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and Orange County. But, unfortunately, there can only be one “TaskRabbit of the Month” and that person is… *drum roll please*… Renee de A., a level 17 TaskRabbit in San Francisco!

Renee is a whiz at office work and data entry, but she also loves getting down n’ dirty with furniture assembly, repair and caring for “ferocious” dogs under 15lbs. She’s one of our most active TaskRabbits and we love using her services too – just yesterday she helped us with a Costco delivery Task!

Renee is rockin’ a perfect 5-star rating and has TaskPosters singing her praises!

“Renee was awesome. She showed up on time, brought her own tools, did an amazing job…I am going to start a Renee fan club.”

“Monday got off to a great start because of Renee’s help! Thank you!”

“Renee did an awesome job in the time that we had, I will definitely use her again!”

We are so excited to bestow the honors of TaskRabbit of the Month on Renee de A. She is a pleasure to work with and an invaluable member of the TaskRabbit community. If you are interested in learning more about Renee or would like to work with her on your particular Task, check out her TaskRabbit profile: http://www.taskrabbit.com/renee-de-a

Congratulations, Renee! Well deserved!




  1. Renee says

    What an honor! Surprised me to no end…Since I wasn’t my pick of the month! BUT hey who am I to not respect your opinion! Thank you so much! I love TaskRabbit and the variety of task that let me exercise my skills. Wow…. and I have a great TaskRabbit day ahead of me!! Life is Good!

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