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TaskRabbit Launches Podcast & Video Series: Introducing Collaboratively Speaking

Over the past year, there has been a rapid increase in the number of companies built on the concept of sharing. These companies are leveraging social networking, location and mobile technologies to create connections online that translate into meaningful connections offline. This movement is called Collaborative Consumption. It is disrupting business models in every industry, and fundamentally changing the way people consume. Consequently, peer-to-peer networking is quickly becoming the default method of exchange.

At TaskRabbit, we are so excited and passionate about Collaborative Consumption and are dedicated to enhancing the movement. Today, we are kicking off a new initiative called Collaboratively Speaking, a series of podcasts and videos produced by TaskRabbit for those interested in learning more about Collaborative Consumption, or Meshing as it is also referred to, and how it is disrupting commerce. In the series, I will be joined by founders, entrepreneurs, executives, journalists and consumers who are authorities on the movement and can help us understand what this emerging model means for the future of business.

Our first guest is my good friend, Shelby Clark, the founder of RelayRides. RelayRides is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that connects people who need a car with vehicle owners whose cars would otherwise just be sitting idle.

Shelby has unique insight about how the CollCons movement is changing the automobile industry. While the podcast is still in its final stages of approval with Apple, in the above video, you’ll learn how Shelby came to found RelayRides and what challenges he has faced and the lessons he has learned. You’ll also hear how Shelby’s startup has developed a partnership with auto giant, General Motors.

I hope you enjoy my chat with Shelby, and I look forward to having you stop by for our next episode of Collaboratively Speaking.

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  1. Leah,
    Congratulations on the launch of your new podcast series Collaboratively Speaking. This is a trend that changes the game, big time — and what a good choice for your first guest! Shelby’s car sharing model addresses some of the limitations of ZIPCar (there’s room for both models, for sure), though access will still be a challenge as he migrates out of the hip San Fran and Boston markets. So: I can see an opportunity for your Task Rabbits to help with that — rather than trudging two miles through mounds of Boston snow, Shelby should be able to sign up a Task Rabbit to bring the borrowed car to his door. Should we expect to see that option soon from your bunnies? I look forward to your next episode — by the way, I recognized Botsman/Rogers’ book What’s Mine is Yours on the table — required reading for innovators across the spectrum from large corporations to startups. What was the other title? (A couple of suggestions for Podcast #2: maybe you could replace your disposable plastic water bottle with a cool container made from glass that you fill with tap water? Also, keep the dog. Adorable.)

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