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TaskRabbit for Etsy Spotlight: Down East Attic

Etsy TaskRabbit Earrings

Gorgeous vintage-sourced earrings from Down East Attic, a TaskRabbit for Etsy user.

Since launching our dedicated portal for Etsy sellers in October, we’ve been thrilled to see the incredible creative entrepreneurs hiring TaskRabbits to help with their shops. TaskRabbits are helping these crafty business owners with everything from product photography to social media marketing, and it’s been an inspiration to witness this remarkable partnership between our two collaborative communities.

It’s probably not surprising that our favorite thing about TaskRabbit for Etsy is how easy it’s become for us to identify amazing Etsy shops. To honor the artisans, curators, and entrepreneurs of Etsy (and to validate the countless hours we’ve been spending in the TR office browsing their shops), we decided to start a new series spotlighting TaskRabbit for Etsy sellers. This week we caught up with Adria Moynihan, owner of Down East Attic, to chat about why she decided to start an Etsy shop, the time-consuming aspects of running her shop, and how TaskRabbits are helping her get things done more efficiently.

Why’d you decide to start an Etsy shop?
“I have always loved antiques and anything vintage. As a professional artist, a painter, I needed a supplemental source of income that was both flexible and creative. Like paintings, I love the stories that vintage items tell and the distinctive character they exhibit.”

Could you tell us a bit about what you make and sell?
“I find unique vintage treasures all over Maine, at estate sales, in thrift stores, and at auction. I love anything from the art deco era, and retro kitchen supplies get me all atwitter. I also make jewelry that is often assembled with vintage pieces. I love the look of vintage jewelry, and even on my most casual days (which is most of them) I’m never missing a great pair of earrings.” [pullshow]

What are the most time-consuming parts of running your shop?
“I imagine this answer is vastly different for all Etsy sellers, but for me it is writing listing descriptions. Aside from the photographs which are a big task in themselves, there is so much work that goes into each listing. This includes thorough research, careful measuring, and writing text that is both descriptive and inviting. With vintage items, there isn’t the opportunity to re-list after a sale, so a new listing and new photographs have to be created each and every time.”

How’d you find out about TaskRabbit and what made you decide to try it out?
“I found a link in an Etsy newsletter and thought, ‘I need this!’ [pullthis]There are certain tasks that take me forever to complete that I know someone else could accomplish in a short amount of time. I have a lot of support from friends and family, but sometimes you just need something done quickly and without the fear of inconveniencing someone.[/pullthis]”

We’d love to hear about your first Task. What did you outsource and how’d it go?
“I posted a request for someone to help me with my Etsy shop, specifically with writing descriptions and getting items posted that were ‘in waiting.’ Since everything could be done online the TaskRabbit could live anywhere. I wanted it to be simple for both of us and after several great responses I found someone who really understood what I was looking for.”

Are there other things you could see yourself outsourcing to TaskRabbits in your business and life?
“Absolutely. In addition to the kind of help I already received, I could use help with bookkeeping for both of my businesses. I’m also getting married this year, so I’ll be looking for opportunities to work with local TaskRabbits to help with wedding plans and services.”

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  1. Interesting Etsy article. Have you heard of the ‘social selling’ trend?

    I found this site and love to sell on it – it’s sort of like an ‘Ebay/Etsy of Pinterest’. It’s called SellPin.

    http://www.SellPin.com – no listing fees and your item stays up/pinned on Pinterest until it sells.

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