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TaskRabbit Community Meet-Up at HQ

Last week we invited Bay Area TaskRabbits to drop by our San Francisco office for a good, old-fashioned meet-up. Forty-five TaskRabbits attended along with twenty TaskRabbit staff members, and a great time was had by all.


The evening started simply enough with everyone grabbing a name tag and a slice of pizza. TaskRabbits began meeting each other and mingling with the team, and before long the room was abuzz with excited conversation.

TaskRabbits exchanged stories about tasks and how they got started — some folks had been TaskRabbits for more than two years, while others were brand new. TaskRabbit staff joined the discussions, and everyone appreciated being able to connect in-person over the experiences and community we all share.

In another room, our talented designer Nazir set up lights and a backdrop for any TaskRabbit who wanted a professional headshot taken for their profile.

When the pizza was gone, it was time to get down to business and talk TaskRabbit — the website, the experience, the community, and anything else people wanted to discuss. Our COO Stacy Brown-Philpot kicked things off by taking questions from the crowd. TaskRabbits asked about the larger goals for the company, what cities we’d be heading to next, and what they could expect as we continue to grow.


Erika and I continued the conversation and answered more questions from the group. We touched on a variety of important subjects including safety, reviews, and ways we could improve communication between TaskPosters and TaskRabbits. Some of the more tenured members of the community stepped in to provide insights from their experiences on tasks, explaining the strategies that have helped them succeed.

In the end, our team learned a lot from the TaskRabbits who came and spoke about what mattered most to them. Based on the smiles and parting comments from TaskRabbits heading out the door, it sounds like the TaskRabbits had a blast as well. We hope to host many more events just like this in all cities. Keep an eye out for when we’ll be headed your way!

Thank you to everyone who attended the HQ meet-up and made it such a special evening.


  1. Sheesh, how did I miss this event?! Sounds great! Hope you do another one soon!

  2. Marcia Philpot Murphy. says

    On Wednesday evening, I answered a knock on my front door. A large, beautiful array of flowers was delivered by a Task Rabbit. I was overwhelmed by the delivery and the service. So happy that this service is now available in Philadelphia. Thank you Task Rabbit.

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