Task of the Week: We’re in Labor! Bring My Charger to the Maternity Ward

TaskRabbits save the day on the regular — tackling your grocery shopping, rescuing you from the plight of assembling Ikea furniture, and delivering beer to your office for impromptu happy hours. Yep, your friendly neighborhood TaskRabbits are no strangers to being heroes, but last week New York TaskRabbit Shayna L. saved the day in an entirely new way. You see, TaskPoster Zev A. was in the maternity ward, ready to welcome the birth of a new baby when he realized he’d left his camera charger at home. No charger meant no photos of his brand new bundle of joy! Luckily, Zev knew exactly what to do — he posted an emergency Task for someone to swing by his apartment, grab the charger from his doorman, and rush it to the hospital. Shayna was on the case within 10 minutes and Zev had his charger as quickly as Midtown traffic would allow!