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Task of the Week: Visit My Son in the Hospital

Task of the Week: Visit my Son in the Hospital

This Task is an oldie but goodie. It is actually Leah’s (our CEO’s) all-time favorite Task! Once you start reading, you will quickly see why.


A Sender, who was based in San Francisco, had a 20-year-old son who was undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Mass General Hospital in Boston a few months ago. Since the Sender couldn’t make it to Boston to care for her son herself, she did the next-best thing…hired a TaskRabbit. The Sender asked Runner Michele A, to pick up a robe and a warm blanket from a local department store as well as some healthy snacks and vitamins from Whole Foods and deliver them to her son in the hospital. She also asked Michele A to give her a full report each time she visited her son. How did he look? (Tired!) Had he lost his hair? (No – still very fuzzy.) Was he enjoying the food and other goodies I was bringing him? (Yes, much better than the hospital food for sure!).

The Runner and Sender talked almost daily for a week until the Sender’s son was released from the hospital. After this experience, Runner, Michele A., commented that she “felt that the Tasks I was doing was vital to this family and that, in a way, I had become very close to them in a very short time. It was a great experience.”

This is not just a heart-warming story but it is also a great example of TaskRabbit’s core mission – bringing people together to help each other. This Task also illustrates the deep trust upon which are community is built. All our Runners go through a rigorous background check and application process. Our extensive vetting process gave this Sender the confidence that her Runner would take good care of her sick son. Now, that is what we call trust in the community.