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Task of the Week: Tame This Garage

Afraid of what’s behind this door? Time to post a Task.

Did you know that 87% of people who have a garage, attic, or storage space are afraid to open the door due to fear of avalanche? That’s a totally fabricated statistic, but it illustrates something we all know to be true: our garages are out of control. It starts innocently enough, a few stray boxes here and neglected tennis racket there, and then snowballs into a wild and growing heap of crap that just screams, “Minimize me! Please, oh please, won’t you minimize me already?”

San Francisco TaskPoster Dan M. has the right idea — he hired a TaskRabbit to tame the clutter. Kymberli J. cleaned and organized Dan’s entire garage, hauled a load to the dump, and even built shelves to help corral items in the future. Ready to make a dent in your storage space? Post a Garage Cleaning and Organizing Task now.