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Task of the Week: Swing by NYC to Pick up Some Things

“NYC?!?! I didn’t know TaskRabbit was in Manhattan,” you say.  Well, we’re not – at least not yet. But, this week’s Task of the Week shows just how far, quite literally, our TaskRabbits will go to get the job done.

Scott N. was in dire need of some clothes from Uniqlo, the colorful and modern Japanese brand.  The only problem was that Scott lives in San Francisco and Uniqlo’s only US store is in New York City – a little out of the way to swing by and pick up a few things. So, he came to TaskRabbit for help.  Scott posted the Task, hoping there might be some heroic TaskRabbit in NYC who could lend a hand.

Even though we don’t have active TaskRabbits in Manhattan, Timan G., one of our resourceful San Francisco TaskRabbits, just happened to be on her way to visit New York for the weekend.  When she saw the posting, she offered to get the Task done, and voila, problem solved. A few days later, Timan returned to San Francisco with Scott’s shopping bag in hand, and all at a fraction of the cost and time it would have taken for Scott to visit New York himself.

It’s amazing to see what our TaskRabbits get themselves into.  Even 3,000 miles can’t seem to stop our TaskRabbits!  So, go ahead and give us a try, no matter how crazy or outlandish your Task may seem. You never know what our TaskRabbits are up for.

And stay tuned! We are on the move to expand to New York and other cities soon.  We just launched in Los Angeles and Orange County. We are rapidly building our network, so vote to bring TaskRabbit to your city!

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