Task of the Week: Make Bean Bags, Save World

May 1, 2012

We love it when our TaskRabbits get crafty. Lucky for us, creative TaskPosters keep coming up with more and more DIY projects to outsource. Take the case of Ben A., a San Francisco TaskPoster charged with planning a hip and fun charity event. Since Ben is brilliant, he decided to center his event around baggo (that lawn game that Midwesterners lovingly dub “cornhole”). The game requires dozens of bean bags (well, technically they’re corn bags), which Ben smartly hired TaskRabbit Lourdes J. to sew and fill. Nearly 20 Bay Area teams competed, with Atlassian‘s Baggo Ballers claiming the title. Proceeds from the event were donated to Camara, a charity that uses technology to deliver education to disadvantaged communities in Africa and Ireland, and Code for America. We love it when crafts meet causes. Way to be rad, Ben and Airbrake Team!