Task of the week: help my sister and me meet Lea Michele

March 4, 2014


We all have our celebrity obsessions. And once in a blue moon, we might even get a chance to meet him or her. But, it generally takes some, or a lot, of work to make it happen. That’s why when New York TaskPoster Christina P found out that her sister’s idol, Lea Michele, was doing a signing at the Sony Music Store in Manhattan, she turned to TaskRabbit.

The task? Get to the Sony store at 10am sharp and obtain two copies of Lea Michele’s newest album, Louder, and the two wristbands that come with each copy to meet Lea later in the day. Timelines was critical here, as Sony announced they only had a couple wristbands left! Then, come back to the Sony store at 3pm and get in line to meet Lea at 7pm and text Christina to meet up once the front of the line was in sight.

Luckily for Christina, line-waiting is one of our specialties. She hired TaskRabbit George F, who arrived at the store to obtain the CDs and wristbands right on time and camped out to make sure Christina and her sister got to meet Lea. Christina even provided snacks; what a doll!

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