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Task of the Week: Help a Woman Out!


Oh…family celebrations! They can be blissful times but also a boatload of work! Between picking up groceries, preparing the food, decorating, and cleaning up the aftermath, it’s enough to make you think twice before inviting all those people over.  Of course, you could hire a party planner and a catering service, but that could cost an arm and a leg. We of course have a better option – hire a TaskRabbit to help you out.



That’s exactly what Kristine W. did in this week’s Task of the Week.  Kristine wanted to throw a fabulous party for her husband’s 40th birthday, but with 15 folks on the guest list and two young kids keeping her busy, she needed some help.  Being an avid TaskPoster, she knew there must be someone in the TaskRabbit community that had the time and skills to put together a wonderful party.  Right on, Kristine!


One of our amazing TaskRabbits, Kenny L., came to the rescue.  Turns out he could do more than just pick up a cake or serve a few drinks.  He also happens to run a small catering business with his girlfriend, so he was able to put together a delicious menu that was exactly what Kristine was looking for.  Kenny had everything covered, from the grocery shopping to the cooking to the cleanup. All Kristine had to do was enjoy the party!


As Kristine put it, “I can’t believe how easy they made this party for me.”  That’s music to our ears. That’s why we are here – to help make people’s lives easier so they can enjoy more important things, like family get togethers.


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