TaskRabbit Team

(Talented) People Helping People…It’s Powerful Stuff!

I founded TaskRabbit with the mission to connect people with unique needs to people who have the time and skills to meet those needs.  As a wise man (actually it was Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers) once said, “People helping people.  It’s powerful stuff.”  Vince is right. I’ve have seen the power of  “people helping people” in action everyday since I founded TaskRabbit nearly 3 years ago.

Our Runners never cease to amaze me; these folks are ridiculously talented. They are experienced and amazing photographers, videographers, chefs, writers, and so much more. I continually hear feedback from Taskers that they are struck by the quality of skilled work done by our Runner community. So much so, in fact, that our Runners are often replacing “professional whatevers”- photographers, chefs, handymen, etc.- to get things done.

Consequently, I am now (more than ever) on a mission to make the unique talents and skills of our Runners known to the community- you know, a sort of “Etsy for services.”  I want to put a spotlight on these Runners because- well honestly-they deserve it.

To highlight our Runners and their skills, we recently made some updates to our site. Specifically, we have augmented our Runner Profiles to include a list of their top 5 specialties and skills. We have also added a section for videos and pics as well as links to social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This serves not only to spotlight the amazing talents of our Runners, but it also allows our Taskers to get to know our Runners better. Over the past couple of weeks, our Runners have started to include short videos on their profile pages, introducing themselves to the Taskers and highlighting their unique skills. Check out this awesome video from Erika, one of our superstar Runners in SF- amazing!

So- when you have a few moments, look through our Runners’ profile pages. I’m sure you will be just as amazed as I am- not only at the Runners powers but at the power of people helping people.