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Task of the Week: Help Me With My Airbnb Guests

Many people in the TaskRabbit community are also wild about other companies in the sharing space. Companies like Airbnb, our buddies with the spiffy new website, make it easy to rent out a couch, spare room, or entire apartment while you’re away. Only one problem: how do you let your guests into your home while you’re out of town? Clever TaskPosters like Drew B. have already figured out the solution: hire a TaskRabbit for your key exchange. New York TaskRabbit TJ Y. met Drew’s guests and handed off the key. It was almost too easy. TaskPoster Thomas T. travels frequently and often rents out his studio to Airbnb guests. That’s why he works with TaskRabbit Nyna N. to make the space sparkle between guests. Thinking about using Airbnb during your vacation? Take a cue from these seasoned hosts and hire a TaskRabbit to handle the logistics.

Going Somewhere? Here’s How TaskRabbit Can Rock Your Vacation

The summer travel season is swiftly approaching, and if you’re anything like us, you can’t wait. Around the TaskRabbit office, we’re already dreaming of watching sunsets on the beach, sipping local wines, and exploring the cobblestone streets of strange cities. In fact, the only thing that can put a damper on visions of the perfect vacation is the stress of planning one. Flight details, hotel bookings, and itinerary hiccups — all the logistics of getting to and fro can really spoil your travel dreams. Fortunately, the TaskPoster community has already thought this one through. Here are some of the ways people are using TaskRabbit to rock their vacations (and a few suggestions for other travel-related Tasks). Find kid-friendly accommodations and activities When super mom Melissa J. decided to take her family to visit Washington, DC, she turned to TaskRabbit Andrea H. for a hand. Andrea researched and planned 12 days of educational and fun activities for Melissa’s two toddlers, and the trip to the nation’s capital went off without a hitch. TaskPoster Toby P. had …