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“Why Outsource Tasks? I Can Do This Myself!” And Other Popular Misconceptions

Our customers come to us under a variety of circumstances. Some are racing the clock and won’t meet a deadline without some help. Maybe they’re lives are crazy busy or maybe they’ve procrastinated too long. Some don’t have the means to complete a specific task. They need a pickup truck to haul mulch or some borrowed brawn to move furniture. Some lack the technical expertise to complete a task – they’d like to repair something around the house but don’t know a socket wrench from a ratchet wrench, or they want to set up a wireless router and network in their home office. Others are just more enlightened. They simply don’t want to spend their valuable free time picking up prescriptions and dropping off dry cleaning, washing windows and mowing the lawn. They prefer spending time doing what they love. Everyone loves free time. At TaskRabbit, our goal is to help as many people as possible join the enlightened group. As we’ve mentioned before, according to the American Time Use Survey from the U.S. Department …

TaskRabbit Launches Newest Location in San Francisco

It is with deep pride and excitement that TaskRabbit announces the launch of it’s San Francisco services. TaskRabbit has been active throughout the Greater Boston region, encouraging neighbors to help neighbors by posting tasks in an open marketplace. Tasks ranging from yard work to dog sitting are standard fare and members can set their own price or allow TaskRabbit Runners to bid on doing their chores. At TaskRabbit, the saying goes “there’s almost nothing we can’t help with. Challenge us!” With over 300 Runners in the Boston area, and more being added every day to San Francisco, this team of highly professional, background-checked Runners are giving their neighbors a safer and more efficient alternative to other online marketplaces. This simple concept is helping to grow local communities and encourage people to outsource their needs in order to free up time in their day; time that is better spent with family and friends or just embracing a little relaxation. Why work harder when you can work smarter? “Every day TaskRabbit is helping people check things off …

The Perils of Multitasking

Multitasking, by its definition, means that our focus is split when it should probably be honed in on one thing. Trying to get 4 different important things all by 5:00pm can cause you to become overburdened; instead, put the things you need to get done in order .

Animals love TaskRabbit!

Recently, a dog-walking task inspired us to reach out to the pups of Boston. With summer approaching, we will soon be starting our “Dog Day Afternoon” events where we visit local dog parks equipped with special doggie bags.

Remember the Milk…wait, milk?

While innovations like smartphones and laptops have made things more convenient in a number of ways, they have also managed to make our everyday lives more hectic, simply by virtue of the common sentiment that everything is easier to do, and you’re expected to get it all done, so how do you prioritize tasks? (*Must remember, take heartburn meds after eating Buffalo wings…)

Thankfully, someone turned me on to Remember the Milk. (Should have named it “Remember the Heartburn Meds…”)

Mother’s Day is Upon Us – An Intervention

Consider this an intervention of sorts. Look. Do us all a big favor this year and don’t buy mom that gas station bouquet of flowers. She said she liked it because she appreciates every little thing you do, but let’s be honest; you can do better. And those flowers didn’t smell very “flowery” anyway. Your last minute crappy gift ideas are hurting us all. You have 2 days to get it together. What can you get for Mom in 2 days or less? 3. Have flowers delivered from your fave floral shop. No time to pick them out and take them to Mom? TaskRabbit Runners are on call to help. 2. Write Mom a note about how much you appreciate her and have it hand delivered. By whom? A TaskRabbit Runner. 1. Give Mom what she really wants! Free up time in her day. Hire a TaskRabbit Runner to do chores for her. You can hire a Runner to help with one chore or a whole days worth of chores. No time to post? Buy …