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When Spring Cleaning Becomes Summer Cleaning

Spring-cleaning. It never seems to happen during spring, does it? Now that summer has officially arrived, our time indoors is likely to decrease while our clutter is likely to grow exponentially. We have a few tips to help refresh your living space so that you have a spick-and-span place to return to after a hot day at the beach.

We Want You For TaskRabbit

We Want You To Become a TaskRabbit. Apply Now!

We’re seeing more and more tasks posted every single day, and we’re looking to add even more amazing TaskRabbits to our community to help people get things done. Think you’ve got what it takes to task? If you’d be awesome at helping people and companies get things done, you might make a great TaskRabbit. From using your car or bike to deliver things to people in your city to taking longer-term assignments at offices, you’ll find hundreds of tasks each day on the TaskRabbit marketplace. You set your own schedule, determine your own rates, and choose the types of tasks you’d like to do. Plus, you get to be part of the greatest community on earth. Ready to join us? Apply now.

San Francisco Painted Ladies

Only in San Francisco: Best Tasks By the Bay

Whether you’re a devout local or an enthusiastic visitor, try these uniquely San Francisco Tasks on for size: 1. Nab a Tartine Bakery morning bun without waiting in line. 2. Find a treasure at the Alemany Flea Market and get help hauling it back to your place. 3. Have a genuine Mission burrito from El Farolito, Taqueria Cancún, Papalote, or La Taqueria delivered to anywhere in the city. [pullshow] 4. Taste the famous tea leaf salad from Burma Superstar without trekking to the Outer Richmond. 5. Get your pooch an escort to Dolores Park, Golden Gate Park, or Buena Vista Park. 6. Score tickets for the Curran, Orpheum, Golden Gate, or American Conservatory Theatre the minute the box office opens. 7. Have a TaskRabbit hold your place in line at AT&T Park for the Giants bobblehead du jour. 8. TaskRabbits can bring provisions as you stake your claim in front of your favorite stage at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park. 9. Commission a personal tour guide to explore the gorgeous wine …

A History (and Economics) Lesson in Service Networking

  As one of our loyal blog readers, we hope that you’ve already discovered the power of TaskRabbit and agree that our service marketplace is revolutionizing the way that people get things done.  Many of you may know the TaskRabbit story – it all started when our CEO and founder, Leah Busque, and her husband, Kevin ran out of dog food for the 100 lb yellow lab on a cold night in Boston. Leah and Kevin decided to create  a way of allowing busy people to outsource their Tasks and services to others in their community. Thus, the concept of Service Networking and TaskRabbit were born. TaskRabbit is continuing to lead the way in this exciting space. Before TaskRabbit, if you wanted to get something done, you either simply did it yourself, asked a friend for a favor, hired a professional, or threw something up on Craigslist and prayed for a response.  Of those options, hiring a professional specializing in your Task was clearly the best choice due to the benefits of “comparative advantage.” But, as we …

Task of the Week: Visit My Son in the Hospital

Task of the Week: Visit my Son in the Hospital This Task is an oldie but goodie. It is actually Leah’s (our CEO’s) all-time favorite Task! Once you start reading, you will quickly see why.   A Sender, who was based in San Francisco, had a 20-year-old son who was undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Mass General Hospital in Boston a few months ago. Since the Sender couldn’t make it to Boston to care for her son herself, she did the next-best thing…hired a TaskRabbit. The Sender asked Runner Michele A, to pick up a robe and a warm blanket from a local department store as well as some healthy snacks and vitamins from Whole Foods and deliver them to her son in the hospital. She also asked Michele A to give her a full report each time she visited her son. How did he look? (Tired!) Had he lost his hair? (No – still very fuzzy.) Was he enjoying the food and other goodies I was bringing him? (Yes, much better than the hospital food …

A “Hopped Up” Tale: Adventures of a Task Rabbit

  Meet Ashley H, a Level 11 Runner for TaskRabbit in San Francisco.  While not running Tasks, Ashley is a freelance journalist, contributing to the Bold Italic, and a professor at Stanford (impressive!). She chronicles her experience as a Task Rabbit in an article entitled “Hopped Up”. In this post, Ashley details all the amazing stuff you can do as a TaskRabbit Runner – super fun things like “help me shoot a commercial” and “write a creative thank-you note to my parents for everything.” Ashley has certainly managed to get herself into some exciting things; she’s been a “paper flower fluffer,” a “stoplight delivery gal,” and a “psychology paper editor.” (Score for that Sender! It’s not everyday that a writing coach for Stanford’s Graduate School of Business reviews your paper!) Awesome stuff, Ashley! We’re glad your experience as a Task Rabbit has allowed you to dabble in a few different things and given you an opportunity to help your neighbors and local small business owners. It’s great to have you as part of the community! “Hopped Up” – the Bold …

Task of the Week: Support the Troops

Each Monday, we will be spotlighting our fave Task of the Week. This spotlighted Task will range from the ordinary, to the fun and innovative, to the downright out-there. We hope you enjoy reading about these Tasks and learning about all the amazing things you can outsource on TaskRabbit. Task of the Week: Buy and Ship Care Package to Platoon in Afghanistan Sender Chris Z needed help…help shopping for, packing and sending a care package to a platoon stationed in Afghanistan. Runner, Janet W was happy to pitch in. This Task struck us as pretty awesome and we wanted to learn more. So, we sent Chris a couple of questions to get the scoop. Who were you sending the package to? I am helping a platoon of soldiers stationed in a desolate area in northern Afghanistan that the US just recently occupied, via SoldiersAngels, a non-profit organization that helps people ‘adopt’ soldiers stationed overseas.  The platoon’s mission is to establish digital communication across a very harsh terrain. The infrastructure and support systems are VERY limited; most …

The Virtues of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Before TaskRabbit, it was difficult to efficiently outsource tasks that required physical presence, but that does not diminish the value of virtual assistance. The world is increasingly online — including your grandmother now that Facebook hit 500 million users — and so is your to-do list. You don’t have to reside in the Boston or San Francisco areas to live smarter by shifting some of the burden to a computer-savvy Rabbit. The Lost Art of Thank You Notes Perfectionism, combined with the fast-paced modern lifestyle, can make it easy to forget your manners. Now that everyone you know can see how much fun you’ve been having via your Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare activity, it’s more awkward than ever when you realize that a month or two has passed since a family member or business associate did something really awesome for you and the gracious thank you note you had planned fell by the wayside. Maybe you got married and invited an overwhelming number of guests. If you’re embarrassed that all the time you’ve spent typing …

Creating an Effective To-Do List

How you create and use a to-do list should be tailored by your personality. While many people use online organization tools, others still prefer to keep a physical list on paper. What you choose should reflect your daily routine and preferences.

TaskRabbit SF is Hopping!

Our live activity feed reveals a great deal about current events in San Francisco. Our Runners have served as proxies in long lines to pick up the iPhone 4, and one Sender turned to the TaskRabbit community in hopes that its “eyes on the street” would know exactly where to find a rainbow bandanna for last weekend’s Pride celebration.