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Better Than A Coffee Mug: Task Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

Forget the super generic gifts this year. We’re all about showing dad how much he means to you – but rather than reward his hard work with some socks or a tie (or the omnipresent coffee mug) – we’re pretty sure that quality time and really thoughtful gestures will win out every time. After all, our concept of #LifeAfterChores is about making time for memories and moments that will stick with you.  While cleaning and organizing can definitely elicit a palpable sense of accomplishment sometimes, chances are that scrubbing your toilet on your hands and knees won’t be the thing you’ll look back on fondly years down the road. But – carving out valuable hours to launch that side business you’ve been dreaming about, or spending some time with your dad while he reminisces, telling those stories you’ll remember when you get older – those are the things we’ll look back on, glad that we made the time. For Father’s Day this year, it’s all about giving dad that time to enjoy his special day. Let him go crazy doing whatever makes him …


Happy Groundhog Day… but we didn’t need Punxsutawney Phil to see his shadow in order to predict another six weeks of winter. People in the Northeast and Midwest have been digging out from bouts of snow in the past week and TaskRabbit has been there to help. We’ve been shoveling cars out of snow drifts, clearing pathways to Clients’ doors, and helping people recover from the many inches dumped by the blizzard. (Boston, we’re looking at you!) So if you’ve got more snow than you know what to do with, hire a Tasker to take care of it while you focus on other things and stay warm inside.

Task of the Week: Bring Waffles to Me at the Airport

Ever been to The Waffle Window in Portland, Oregon? It’ll seriously change your life. We’re talking hot fudge sundae waffles, peanut butter and chocolate dipped waffles, and even waffle ice cream sandwiches. Yeah. There’s really no going back after a trip to The Waffle Window. But what if you’re only on a short layover at the Portland airport and there’s no time for a waffle run? That’s what happened to Theresa C., but she knew exactly what to do: she hired a TaskRabbit to bring her favorite waffles to the airport. Kate C. picked up the order from The Waffle Window, drove the waffles to PDX, and handed them off to Theresa without ever leaving her car. Have a layover coming up? What would you get delivered in Chicago? New York? London? Phoenix? Denver? Air travel will never be the same again.

Task of the Week: Cheer Up My Friend

Sometimes you just have a bad week. And sometimes you have a really, really bad week. That’s the kind of week a friend of Seattle TaskPoster Gayle M. was having, so Gayle decided to do something about it. She hired a TaskRabbit to cheer up her friend by delivering a surprise bottle of wine. Trish C. picked out a great bottle, dressed it up with a gift bag and card, and delivered it to Gayle’s buddy. Do you have a pal that’s going through a rough spot? Post a Task now to send that person a little cheer. We suggest cupcakes, chocolate, wine, or your friend’s favorite comfort food. Hey, that’s what friends are for.

Task of the Week: Be My Personal Chef

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal chef? If someone else was chopping the kale and searing the salmon and toasting the quinoa, eating well would be so easy. Hey, it worked for Oprah. For an affordable alternative to having a full-time chef on your payroll, make like Olivia M. and hire a TaskRabbit to prepare your meals. Olivia wanted to commit to healthy eating but knew she’d never have enough time to make the meals herself. That’s why she hired TaskRabbit Nicholas P., a chef who’s worked in multiple Michelin-starred kitchens. Nicholas designed a menu just for Olivia including seven tasty meals with high protein, no carbs, and plenty of veggies. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, gain a little more energy, or justify eating a giant cheesesteak for lunch, try posting a cooking Task today.

You don't have to do this alone.

Task of the Week: Help Me Run a Marathon

So you signed up to run a marathon, eh? You imagined waking up with the sun each day to an increasingly vigorous run. You bought that great pair of running shoes and some moisture-wicking clothing. You got the high SPF sunscreen and a subscription to Runner’s World. Maybe you even built in plenty of training time for yourself — a year? Six months? And if you’re anything like most of us, you probably slacked a little. Then a little more, until you noticed that marathon date sneaking up around the corner. Don’t panic. Just do what Chicago TaskPoster Renee B. did — hire a TaskRabbit to help motivate you. Jessica S. provides daily encouragement and accountability for Renee while she gets back into marathon shape. Genius. Couldn’t you use a running buddy?

Task of the Week: Help Me With My Airbnb Guests

Many people in the TaskRabbit community are also wild about other companies in the sharing space. Companies like Airbnb, our buddies with the spiffy new website, make it easy to rent out a couch, spare room, or entire apartment while you’re away. Only one problem: how do you let your guests into your home while you’re out of town? Clever TaskPosters like Drew B. have already figured out the solution: hire a TaskRabbit for your key exchange. New York TaskRabbit TJ Y. met Drew’s guests and handed off the key. It was almost too easy. TaskPoster Thomas T. travels frequently and often rents out his studio to Airbnb guests. That’s why he works with TaskRabbit Nyna N. to make the space sparkle between guests. Thinking about using Airbnb during your vacation? Take a cue from these seasoned hosts and hire a TaskRabbit to handle the logistics.

Task of the Week: We’re in Labor! Bring My Charger to the Maternity Ward

TaskRabbits save the day on the regular — tackling your grocery shopping, rescuing you from the plight of assembling Ikea furniture, and delivering beer to your office for impromptu happy hours. Yep, your friendly neighborhood TaskRabbits are no strangers to being heroes, but last week New York TaskRabbit Shayna L. saved the day in an entirely new way. You see, TaskPoster Zev A. was in the maternity ward, ready to welcome the birth of a new baby when he realized he’d left his camera charger at home. No charger meant no photos of his brand new bundle of joy! Luckily, Zev knew exactly what to do — he posted an emergency Task for someone to swing by his apartment, grab the charger from his doorman, and rush it to the hospital. Shayna was on the case within 10 minutes and Zev had his charger as quickly as Midtown traffic would allow!

In Recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the Top 20 Tasks for Teachers

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams Do you remember your favorite teacher? Maybe it was that English teacher that first sparked your love of poetry, or the social studies teacher that introduced you to new parts of the world and new ways of thinking. How have the actions of that educator informed your life? If you’re anything like those of us at TaskRabbit HQ, your success can be traced directly back to some incredible educators. In honor of those who work tirelessly to open our minds and shape our dreams, we decided to go all out for Teacher Appreciation Week. We stopped by the Teach For America offices to drop off TaskRabbit gift cards to Bay Area teachers — it’s the least we can do really. We know TaskRabbits will be able to provide teachers with the thing they need most: more time! Give your favorite educator some extra time with the gift of TaskRabbit. To help inspire you to celebrate the teachers in your life, we …

Task of the Week: Show My Mom Some Love

You know who’s awesome? Your mom. Moms are superheroes that shape our lives, nurture our dreams, and make possible all that we accomplish. Yet when it comes to Mother’s Day, many of us still rely on generic greeting cards or overpriced, impersonal flower deliveries to say “Thank you.” As we traded stories about the amazing moms in our lives around TaskRabbit HQ today, we realized the solution to dishing out an amazing Mother’s Day has been right under our noses this whole time: Why not hire TaskRabbits? Not only can TaskRabbits pick out local flowers for your mom (at a way cheaper price than ordering online), they can help you make this Mother’s Day the most memorable one yet by building a totally unique and personal experience. Here’s what some of us on the TaskRabbit team plan to hire TaskRabbits for this Mother’s Day: “It’s hard living nearly 3000 miles away from your family (I live in SF and my family lives right outside NYC), particularly around holidays. As much as I want to celebrate …