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Batman movie line

Task of the Week: Gimme Some Batman

Quick: Who was the very best Batman? Bale, West, Keaton? The worst? Go ahead and argue with the person closest to you — we’ll wait. See? There’s no way you’ll agree on this one. But we can all agree that waiting hours in line to see the new Batman movie this Friday seems silly. What is this, 2008? New York Bat-fan Joseph W. decided to hire a TaskRabbit to stand in line for him. TaskRabbit Michael W. will make sure Joseph and his buddies get great seats, and they’ll get to spend a little more time at dinner discussing whether Clooney or Kilmer deserves the title of “Worst Batman Ever.” TaskPosters all over the country are following suit for Friday’s big release. Have you blasted the Task Signal for your place in line yet?