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Your Summer Grilling Checklist

We all know summer doesn’t really start until you fire up the grill. But nothing dampens the summer party mood more than a grill that won’t light or smokes too much. Luckily, with a little planning (and some help from our Taskers), you can get ahead of grill trouble while your BBQ marinates. Here’s a checklist to start your summer grilling firing on all cylinders. Dust it off, light it up, and delight your guests with one of our tried-and-true recipes below. Check for signs of rust, wear, and debris. Make sure all knobs and screws are tightened. Gas grills: Inspect the hoses, burners, and gas tubes. To test for leaks, brush soapy water along the fuel line. If you turn on the gas and see bubbles, it’s time to replace or tighten the line. Remove and scrub the grates with a wire brush and hot water. For a deeper clean, soak them overnight in a 2:1 ratio of vinegar to baking soda. Gas grills: Clear debris from the burner tubes and make sure the …

Task of the Week: Create a Garden

Think it’s too late to get those summer flowers and veggies in the ground? Think again. When Chicago TaskPoster Jennifer F. decided to convert an old kids’ sandbox into a raised bed garden, she knew it was a race against the clock. So she did it in the quickest, most efficient way possible — she hired TaskRabbit Alejandro M. to do the overhaul. No stranger to creating raised bed gardens in the Chicagoland area, Alejandro majorly rocked the Task by bringing along his expertise, creativity, and green thumb. “Alex was awesome!! Came to the house before expected (a good thing), created such a vision from noting, and was great at communicating before and during process.” Those words (and exclamation points) belong to Jennifer F., and so does a gorgeous new sandbox garden.

Task of the Week: Help Me With My Airbnb Guests

Many people in the TaskRabbit community are also wild about other companies in the sharing space. Companies like Airbnb, our buddies with the spiffy new website, make it easy to rent out a couch, spare room, or entire apartment while you’re away. Only one problem: how do you let your guests into your home while you’re out of town? Clever TaskPosters like Drew B. have already figured out the solution: hire a TaskRabbit for your key exchange. New York TaskRabbit TJ Y. met Drew’s guests and handed off the key. It was almost too easy. TaskPoster Thomas T. travels frequently and often rents out his studio to Airbnb guests. That’s why he works with TaskRabbit Nyna N. to make the space sparkle between guests. Thinking about using Airbnb during your vacation? Take a cue from these seasoned hosts and hire a TaskRabbit to handle the logistics.

Task of the Week: Do Something About This Heat

Did you know the summer solstice doesn’t refer to the day, but to the exact instant in time the axial tilt of the semi-axis of one of Earth’s hemispheres is most inclined toward the Sun? True story, Wikipedia told us. June 20th is not only the summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day of the year, it’s also going to be really, really hot. Not that it’s the first blistering day this month — TaskPosters in cities around the country have already been feeling the heat. So much so that they’ve hired TaskRabbits to help keep cool. New York TaskRabbit Erik B. is providing some heat relief for Hannah B. by installing a window AC unit in her 6th floor New York City apartment. He’s also giving Douglas W. a hand with the front window unit of his Park Slope home. Chicago TaskPoster Ramki S. tapped TaskRabbit Davidson F. to lug four AC units up from the basement and install them on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Need to cool down? Post …

Task of the Week: Be Our Grillmaster

The weather’s been pretty awesome in San Francisco. We wouldn’t exactly call it “hot,” but this city that Mark Twain famously slandered for its bone-chilling summers has been bathed in sunshine for weeks. Maybe this incredible weather is why Vanessa N. and the other rad folks over at 140 Proof decided to throw a barbecue for their customers. They hired TaskRabbit Justin L. to man the grill and chat up the guests. Justin, of course, rocked the Task — and he looked pretty good in the apron, too! Planning your own barbecue for Memorial Day weekend? Here are some ways TaskRabbit can help: Grillmaster — TaskRabbits like Justin can hold court at your grill, so you can relax. Supply Run — Need ice? Beer? Extra chairs? Hire a TaskRabbit to deliver party supplies. Sous Chef — Need someone to slice the watermelon or whip up some appetizers? Extra Staff — From valet parking to kickball refereeing, TaskRabbits can help.  

Put TaskRabbit to Work on Your Summer Tasks!

Summer has finally arrived- hooray! With a brand new set of to-do’s. Boo. Never fear- TaskRabbit’s here to help!  We’ll complete those to-do’s so you can have the fun. How can we help? Check out our Top Summer Tasks… Install Your A/C – Everyone has struggled through the process of trying to install an air conditioner each summer; they’re heavy and awkward. It’s a strenuous task that can often take two people (unless you’re a pro weightlifter; in which case, congratulations). TaskRabbit’s Runners can do it all or give you a helping hand! Set-up/Clean-up BBQ – It’s a staple in your summer schedule: the Barbeque. It’s fun, relaxing… during the actual event. Throwing one yourself can be another story; organizing a BBQ can be too much, not to mention the cleanup. Focus on the important stuff (the relaxing/fun parts) and you can let us handle the rest. Pet-sit While on Vacation – It’s summer, so you want to take a little time off to get out of your home and go somewhere else; you’ve earned …