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Calling All Runners to the Runner Incentive Program!

My Darling Runners, You are the bread and butter of RME. As I’ve said before, you are the wind beneath our wings. And to reward your amazing abilities we have instituted the RUNNER INCENTIVE PROGRAM! Each Runner will receive their own PERSONAL promo code that they can hand out to friends, family, associates, co-workers, parents, kids, neighbors, ANYONE! Email it around, phone your friends, post it on the wall at the gym, Tweet it, Facebook it…post it anywhere you can. Every time a new user posts an errand with your PROMO CODE, they get $15 off of their first errand and YOU get $5 cold hard cash. Say you get 20 new users to post an errand. Not only do you make money from running more errands, but you get an extra 5 bucks each time as a bonus! That’s an extra $100 in your pocket. Sweet. Don’t have a promo code yet? Email AMANDA@RUNMYERRAND.COM and demand that you get your promo code!