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The Virtues of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Before TaskRabbit, it was difficult to efficiently outsource tasks that required physical presence, but that does not diminish the value of virtual assistance. The world is increasingly online — including your grandmother now that Facebook hit 500 million users — and so is your to-do list. You don’t have to reside in the Boston or San Francisco areas to live smarter by shifting some of the burden to a computer-savvy Rabbit. The Lost Art of Thank You Notes Perfectionism, combined with the fast-paced modern lifestyle, can make it easy to forget your manners. Now that everyone you know can see how much fun you’ve been having via your Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare activity, it’s more awkward than ever when you realize that a month or two has passed since a family member or business associate did something really awesome for you and the gracious thank you note you had planned fell by the wayside. Maybe you got married and invited an overwhelming number of guests. If you’re embarrassed that all the time you’ve spent typing …

“Why Outsource Tasks? I Can Do This Myself!” And Other Popular Misconceptions

Our customers come to us under a variety of circumstances. Some are racing the clock and won’t meet a deadline without some help. Maybe they’re lives are crazy busy or maybe they’ve procrastinated too long. Some don’t have the means to complete a specific task. They need a pickup truck to haul mulch or some borrowed brawn to move furniture. Some lack the technical expertise to complete a task – they’d like to repair something around the house but don’t know a socket wrench from a ratchet wrench, or they want to set up a wireless router and network in their home office. Others are just more enlightened. They simply don’t want to spend their valuable free time picking up prescriptions and dropping off dry cleaning, washing windows and mowing the lawn. They prefer spending time doing what they love. Everyone loves free time. At TaskRabbit, our goal is to help as many people as possible join the enlightened group. As we’ve mentioned before, according to the American Time Use Survey from the U.S. Department …

The Best Gift You Can Give Dad

Think of all the ways in which a father could enjoy more free time in his day. Free time equates to rewards like: getting to watch that basketball game he’s been looking forward to, catching up on nap time, working on his golf game, reading that book he’s been looking forward to finishing or simply enjoying more time with the family.

Put TaskRabbit to Work on Your Summer Tasks!

Summer has finally arrived- hooray! With a brand new set of to-do’s. Boo. Never fear- TaskRabbit’s here to help!  We’ll complete those to-do’s so you can have the fun. How can we help? Check out our Top Summer Tasks… Install Your A/C – Everyone has struggled through the process of trying to install an air conditioner each summer; they’re heavy and awkward. It’s a strenuous task that can often take two people (unless you’re a pro weightlifter; in which case, congratulations). TaskRabbit’s Runners can do it all or give you a helping hand! Set-up/Clean-up BBQ – It’s a staple in your summer schedule: the Barbeque. It’s fun, relaxing… during the actual event. Throwing one yourself can be another story; organizing a BBQ can be too much, not to mention the cleanup. Focus on the important stuff (the relaxing/fun parts) and you can let us handle the rest. Pet-sit While on Vacation – It’s summer, so you want to take a little time off to get out of your home and go somewhere else; you’ve earned …

Happy Animal Wednesday – with kisses, love Radar

Now that Kobe is off to San Francisco, our new intern, Radar, has taken charge of “Happy Animal Wednesdays” (and most other days if we’re being honest) at TaskRabbit. He’s been all over town trying to spread the word on how TaskRabbit can help Animals throughout the summer. Did you happen to spot him at Yappier Hour last week? If not, keep your eyes open because he’s been all over Boston handing out doggie gift bags with our interns! Radar really wants to make sure that his four legged friends around the city get to enjoy summer just as much as their parents. Just last week he organized the photography for his cousin’s first birthday party at Petco and today he’s been hard at work to find a walker for his buddy Dewey, the Golden Retriever. Thanks to Radar’s hard work, animal related tasks are pouring in at TaskRabbit. Please remember to keep Radar in mind this summer if it’s too hot out to make a run to Polka Dog Bakery or if you’re traveling …

Rabbit Road Trip to SF!

Yes the rumors are true, as Scott Kirsner reported this morning, Kevin and I have decided to move west for the launch of in San Francisco. It was a tough decision to head west, and I’ve appreciated all the support from family and friends as we make this journey. I realize there is some rivalry between the two coasts, especially when we are talking about a certain city, but our reason for moving is simple. TaskRabbit has a somewhat unique model, in that we are hyper-local, we scale city by city. It is only natural at this early stage, as the Founder, I would want to ensure that everything goes perfectly in the second market. So in order to absolutely nail our launch in San Francisco, I want to be out there, learning the landscape, the neighborhoods, and the idiosyncrasies. After this second city, we will have learned enough about scaling of the model to go quickly after that. Our Boston-based operations team will remain in place the Cambridge office to support our East …

Animals love TaskRabbit!

Recently, a dog-walking task inspired us to reach out to the pups of Boston. With summer approaching, we will soon be starting our “Dog Day Afternoon” events where we visit local dog parks equipped with special doggie bags.

The Weekly Runner Report – All the Tasks Fit to Print

Hello Runners! Welcome to our new RUNNER REPORT featuring shout-outs to Superstar Runners, tips & tricks to help YOU make more $$$ plus answers to top questions I’ve received for the week. Welcome New Runners! Getting Started: To get started as a new Runner, simply sign in to your TaskRabbit account and download the RUNNER MANUAL available on the homepage. After reading through our handy-dandy manual, you can email me with any further questions or issues. RUNNER RALLY: Our next Runner Rally will be held on May 31st at Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, MA from 5-7pm. Join us for food, fun and Runner updates! SUPERSTAR OF THE WEEK! This Superstar Runner has been awarded 25 bonus points for awesomeness in the field of TaskRabbit Duty! Superstar – Amanda W. was hired to play with kittens for 30 minutes. She got to play with these adorable kittens AND got a 5 star rating PLUS a glowing review! Great job, Amanda, mixing work and play! For one night only, TaskRabbit became TaskKitten! *Taskin…ur duin it rite! …

Remember the Milk…wait, milk?

While innovations like smartphones and laptops have made things more convenient in a number of ways, they have also managed to make our everyday lives more hectic, simply by virtue of the common sentiment that everything is easier to do, and you’re expected to get it all done, so how do you prioritize tasks? (*Must remember, take heartburn meds after eating Buffalo wings…)

Thankfully, someone turned me on to Remember the Milk. (Should have named it “Remember the Heartburn Meds…”)