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Takin’ Care of Business: Tips for Business Tasks

Every day, more and more businesses are turning to TaskRabbit for help. Whether they need a great customer service representative, an efficient and organized office manager, or a sales whiz, businesses know they can find trustworthy and professional TaskRabbits to get the job done. If you like working in an office setting or want to expand your professional network, look for longer-term opportunities by selecting the “Jobs” filter on the right side of the Open Tasks page. Doing a great job on a business task requires special considerations. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Write a great cover letter To apply for the longer-term business tasks under the “Jobs” filter, you’ll need an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and an awesome cover letter. Your cover letter should highlight your work experience and relevant skills, as well as your enthusiasm to help. Do some research on the business before you write your cover letter so you can show them that you care about their mission and that you’re excited contribute. Be mindful of office etiquette …

Trouble-Shooting Tasks

Trouble-Shooting Tasks

I picked up a task the other day that looked fairly simple: pick up an order of huevos rancheros and deliver them down the street. Easy, right? Not so! First, it was pouring rain outside, so my pleasant little walk became not-so-pleasant. Once I got to the delivery location, I found out that the drop-off address was on the 22nd floor of the building, and I was not allowed upstairs. Plus, since it was a surprise delivery, I did not have contact information for the recipient. Yikes! Luckily everything turned out alright with my delivery task, but as I stood there dripping wet in the lobby of this very tall building, I realized it’s important to know what to do when things don’t go exactly as you planned… Your First Resource for Help: Yourself! When you applied to become a TaskRabbit, we chose you because we trust you. We trust that you’ll make the right decisions when doing a task, because you’re neighborly and awesome. Your TaskPosters chose you for the same reason: they trust …