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Adorable Puppy

Introducing Emerson “Em” Busque

We’re very excited to introduce you to Emerson “Em” Busque. This strapping young pup is the newest addition to Team TaskRabbit. It’s no easy Task being a puppy in this office — it’s a whole lot of responsibility to inspire, delight, and lick the faces of everyone who picks you up. And just ask Em — people will not stop picking him up. Can you blame us? Look at that mug: Give Em a shout on Twitter @EmBusque.

TaskRabbit Pivots Business Model to Become Tech World’s First On-Demand Puppy Delivery Service

San Francisco — March 30, 2012 —  Today TaskRabbit, the San Francisco based peer-to-peer marketplace and pioneering service network, announced its intention to pivot to providing services exclusively in the on-demand puppy delivery space, beginning April 1. The decision comes on the heels of months of exhaustive A/B testing, user focus groups, and customer surveys which conclusively revealed that 97% of TaskPosters value prime puppy cuddling time over increased life efficiency and productivity. “This new information underscores what I’ve been saying all along: a pail full of puppies is the fail-proof way to scale a growing startup,” says Kobe Busque, TaskRabbit’s Chief Inspiration Officer. “Until recently, assembling Ikea furniture was the most popular Task users posted to the service. However, the first quarter of 2012 saw a steep increase in puppy delivery Tasks, indicating a prime environment for leaning into the PaaS (puppies as a service) space.” TaskRabbit intends to tailor the puppy delivery experience to the unique tastes of its local markets while creating new revenue streams. In San Francisco, TaskRabbit has forged strategic partnerships …

Dog Treats – Not Just for Dogs

TaskRabbit is thrilled to team up with Polka Dog Bakery to offer home delivery of all of their goodies. We even offer a Dog Food/Treat Replenishment Program so that customers can automatically have their fave puppy food delivered right to their doorstep every few weeks as needed, because a high-quality product coupled with the convenience of delivery means no more hungry looks from you-know-who.