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When Spring Cleaning Becomes Summer Cleaning

Spring-cleaning. It never seems to happen during spring, does it? Now that summer has officially arrived, our time indoors is likely to decrease while our clutter is likely to grow exponentially. We have a few tips to help refresh your living space so that you have a spick-and-span place to return to after a hot day at the beach.

A History (and Economics) Lesson in Service Networking

  As one of our loyal blog readers, we hope that you’ve already discovered the power of TaskRabbit and agree that our service marketplace is revolutionizing the way that people get things done.  Many of you may know the TaskRabbit story – it all started when our CEO and founder, Leah Busque, and her husband, Kevin ran out of dog food for the 100 lb yellow lab on a cold night in Boston. Leah and Kevin decided to create  a way of allowing busy people to outsource their Tasks and services to others in their community. Thus, the concept of Service Networking and TaskRabbit were born. TaskRabbit is continuing to lead the way in this exciting space. Before TaskRabbit, if you wanted to get something done, you either simply did it yourself, asked a friend for a favor, hired a professional, or threw something up on Craigslist and prayed for a response.  Of those options, hiring a professional specializing in your Task was clearly the best choice due to the benefits of “comparative advantage.” But, as we …

Collaborative Consumption: Pioneering a New Way to Consume

We have a revolution on our hands – a collaborative consumption revolution, that is. We all know that we can’t sustain the pace of consumption we (meaning, humanity) set in the 20th century.  Our consumption of goods was off-the-charts excessive and extravagant over the last 100 years. Well- gone are these days of uber-consumption- the days when consumers purchased one new piece of clothing every 5.5 days. Whatever the reason- the economic doldrums, the focus on de-cluttering our lives- consumers are becoming increasingly cost-conscious and prudent…and collaborating and sharing to consume smarter. Fortunately, the Pioneers of Collaborative Consumption (so named by Rachel Botsman, the author of What’s Mine is Yours) are delivering unique product ideas and concepts that satiate this new appetite for sharing, bartering, exchanging, etc. These pioneers are reinventing not only what we consume but how we consume by focusing on the power of the community to barter, share, and swap products and services.  There are so many great examples of collaborative consumption at work. We, at TaskRabbit, are revolutionizing the way people get …

From i-Wait to u-Wait: Outsourcing the Wait for the iPad 2

Have we mentioned how amazing the TaskRabbit Runners are lately?!? Our Runners are all over the launch of Apple’s iPad 2 today. In fact, one of our rockstar Runners, Josh L, arrived at the Apple store in downtown SF at 4:30 this morning and scored himself the first spot in line. Josh is first in line to buy the next-gen iPad for Jonathan B. As he waits (Lord knows…he certainly has some time to kill!),  Josh has made some new friends, recruited folks to be TaskRabbit Runners, helped a Singaporean man use TaskRabbit to get his hands on an iPad 2 so he can be the first one in his country to have one, and been interviewed by a few major news channels, including The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. Pure amazingness, Josh!

TaskRabbit SF is Hopping!

Our live activity feed reveals a great deal about current events in San Francisco. Our Runners have served as proxies in long lines to pick up the iPhone 4, and one Sender turned to the TaskRabbit community in hopes that its “eyes on the street” would know exactly where to find a rainbow bandanna for last weekend’s Pride celebration.

Taking Control of the Mess – The Office

by Jennifer Smith Most of us create an office in our home so that we can keep the chaos out of our living space. All too often, the office becomes a place to dump stuff like bills, magazines, or knick-knacks and before you know it, the place is a cluttered mess. If you don’t have the artistic vision to turn your office supplies into a masterpiece, here are some practical ideas for organizing your workspace. 1. Designate a specific area for repeat clutter offenders such as bills. Depending on your available space, use a folder, tray, or file cabinet to organize and store loose paper so that you know where it is when you need it. 2. Commit to putting things away as soon as you bring them into the office. We like to remember this one as the “ice cream rule.” When you bring ice cream home from the grocery store, you wouldn’t leave it on the table for a few hours, right? Apply the same urgency to your stuff and you’ll find fewer …