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Putting the “Pro” in Profile

When a TaskPoster looks at your profile, they’re trying to figure out if you’re the best TaskRabbit for their task. Do you have the skills they need? Have you done this type of task before? Are you friendly, reliable, and eager to help? If your profile answers these questions with a “Yes!” then you’ll have no trouble picking up tasks. There are three main components to the TaskRabbit profile: your picture, your “About Me” section, and links to your other sites. Let’s take a closer look at each part… A Picture Says a Thousand Words Your picture is your first chance to make a good impression on the TaskPoster, so you should choose a picture that helps you market your skills and interests. If you’re a great handyman, post a picture of yourself working with your tools. If you want to do tasks for businesses, snap a photo of yourself in your best shirt and tie. Whatever your speciality may be, your picture should exude professionalism and neighborliness. Be sure your smiling face is clearly …