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TaskRabbit Leadership Team

TaskRabbit Names Google Veteran Stacy Brown-Philpot as Chief Operating Officer

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Stacy Brown-Philpot is joining TaskRabbit as Chief Operating Officer. Stacy’s extensive global experience in operations, business development, and finance makes her the perfect fit to lead these functions at TaskRabbit as we continue to grow and scale our marketplace. Stacy joins TaskRabbit’s founder and CEO Leah Busque and Chief Revenue Officer Anne Raimondi to lead the company. Stacy comes to TaskRabbit from Google Ventures, where she served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, advising the firm’s portfolio companies in the consumer and business technology, marketplace, mobile, and payment sectors. Prior to that, Stacy spent nearly a decade at Google, leading global operations for flagship products, including Search, Chrome, and Google+. In addition to deep experience on the consumer product side, Stacy held several senior-level finance positions at Google. Her responsibilities included managing the company’s revenue in select verticals, launching international finance operations, developing payment solutions, and implementing world-class customer operations. She also served as Head of Online Sales and Operations for Google India, where she directed remote sales and support for the …

The Pepsi NEXT™ Extra Hour Sweepstakes, Powered by TaskRabbit

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Pepsi NEXT™ to show their fans what a 25-hour day feels like. Between October 16th and November 12th, Pepsi NEXT™ fans will enter to win the services of a dedicated TaskRabbit for one hour. Each week, 50 winners will be chosen over the nine participating cities. Contest participants simply choose which Task they’d like the TaskRabbits to tackle — everything from preparing dinner to cleaning house is fair game. The winners are selected at random each week, connected with their TaskRabbits, then presented with a Pepsi NEXT™ and an entire hour of extra time. The Pepsi NEXT™ team calls it “a double dose of the unbelievable” — a 25th hour in the day and real cola taste with 60% less sugar. We agree: That’s pretty unbelievable. To enter for your chance to win an extra hour from Pepsi NEXT™, visit

TaskRabbit Launches in Seattle

Seattleites have been huge supporters of TaskRabbit for years — we’ve received countless requests to set up shop in their hometown. Today, we’re excited to announce that TaskRabbit is officially live in Seattle! We’re proud to launch in this cool, passionate, and innovative city. We’re thrilled to join such a thriving, leading-edge tech community — Seattle’s home to digital pioneers and entrepreneurial leaders like Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks. For their parts, Seattleites are busy, tech-savvy professionals in need of what TaskRabbit provides: a little free time. The hundreds of Seattle TaskRabbits who’ve graduated from our extensive vetting process are standing by to help Seattleites get things done. Over the past few months of market testing, we’ve seen a few Tasks become pretty popular in Seattle — things like gardening, personal organization, and handyman duties. Our first Seattle TaskPosters are already discovering unique ways to use the service to make their lives a little easier. We’ve seen people hire TaskRabbits to take lecture notes, transport a family of rescued cats to an animal shelter, and even hand-carry a marriage …