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Maxton Men Style Clothing

Maxton Men Know Style and Efficiency

Who says men don’t care about fashion? Maxton Men is on a mission to make classic and enduring designs available to men who appreciate great style. The extremely well-curated collection favors built-to-last items over fast-fashion and, frankly, we’ve become more than a little addicted to browsing their site. Like many online retailers, Maxton Men is experiencing an increase in business now that holiday shopping is in full swing. Never willing to sacrifice customer service and quality, they figured out a great solution to handling the busy season: TaskRabbits. It probably won’t surprise you, but we definitely approve. We caught up with founder and CEO Kishan Madamala to learn more about the company’s mission — and how TaskRabbits are helping them achieve it. Here’s what he had to say: What’s the mission of Maxton Men? “Our goal is to be the new men’s general store — a place where guys can go to pick up the necessary detail items in their lives. We try to provide them with a curated set of style-driven choices.” How do …