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Boston harbor and skyline

Task of the Week: Send My Love to Boston

Like many of you, we’ve been mighty worried about Boston this past week. Not only is it our founding city, it’s also a place that many of us here at TaskRabbit HQ still call “home.” It’s been difficult to witness our neighbors, family, and friends go through this very trying week, knowing that there’s not much we can do to help from here in San Francisco. One thing we’ve learned this week is that any little bit of love can help bring some comfort. We’ve been truly inspired by the way our community is using TaskRabbit to help show Boston how much they care. From San Francisco’s Hunter W. hiring TaskRabbit Stacie S. to deliver some cookies to the Watertown Police Department to Ashley M. sending TaskRabbit Minh T. to buy a round of drinks for folks at a neighborhood bar, you guys are really showing some love to our neighbors in Boston. Keep it up!

You don't have to do this alone.

Task of the Week: Help Me Run a Marathon

So you signed up to run a marathon, eh? You imagined waking up with the sun each day to an increasingly vigorous run. You bought that great pair of running shoes and some moisture-wicking clothing. You got the high SPF sunscreen and a subscription to Runner’s World. Maybe you even built in plenty of training time for yourself — a year? Six months? And if you’re anything like most of us, you probably slacked a little. Then a little more, until you noticed that marathon date sneaking up around the corner. Don’t panic. Just do what Chicago TaskPoster Renee B. did — hire a TaskRabbit to help motivate you. Jessica S. provides daily encouragement and accountability for Renee while she gets back into marathon shape. Genius. Couldn’t you use a running buddy?

Help Us Pick Our New Tagline!

You can pick your friends and you can pick our new tagline but you can’t pick our noses. (Wait, that doesn’t sound right…) Help us pick our new company tagline! That’s right! The power is in YOUR hands! (Just like HeMan and SheRa.) (They were brother and sister, right? Creepy.) CLICK HERE to exercise your right to vote! As we grow we are looking for input from you and your input is invaluable to us (except when we don’t like your input and then we ignore you, but that’s only really when you say you don’t like what we are wearing. And frankly, I like this outfit…) Thanks for the feedback and have a great weekend! And if you haven’t done so, check out RunMyMarathon! Are you following our antics on Twitter?  @RunMyErrand How about Facebook?