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Brain Efficiency

My Productivity Secret: Train Your Brain for Efficiency

Guest Blogger Matt Faustman is the co-founder and CEO of UpCounsel, a legal marketplace for SMBs that uses a virtual workforce of talented lawyers to reinvent the traditional legal model for businesses. Matt is an outspoken cheerleader for SMBs, B2B technology, and supporting local business communities. Follow him at @matthewfaustman. We are all busy. Whether you are an entrepreneur, store manager, or Lyft driver (possibly all the above), each and every one of us feels busy. How do some people manage to move mountains in a single day while others struggle to complete a basic task list? More impressive are those who have the ability to adopt these efficiency mindsets within their own organizations. Being a student of these individuals and organizations, I have observed four common disciplines, which when put to practice, allow you and a team to accomplish more and seemingly create more hours in your day. Like any good habit, these all take practice and consistency, but are so basic that you could start today. Schedule “Do Not Disturb” Time There are a million …