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CruiseWise: Taking the Blues Out of the Cruise

Taking a cruise is all about luxury, relaxation, and convenience. Until CruiseWise hit the scene, booking a cruise tended to offer the exact opposite experience. Sifting through dozens of outmoded and difficult to navigate travel sites, comparing cruise lines and cabins, and trying to figure out how to make the most of the ports visited — it can be frustrating enough to keep you on dry land. On a mission to radically simplify the way people search, compare, and book cruises online, CruiseWise is shaking up things on the high seas. We caught up with Jordan Berry, Content Captain of CruiseWise, to find out more. Why does the cruise industry need to be shaken up? “Cruising is a great way to travel. For as little as $45 per night per person, you can have a hassle-free, 5-star experience and visit exotic destinations while disconnecting from the world. At the same time, the technology used to book cruises online is still stuck in 1998. Before CruiseWise, potential and frequent cruisers were unable to get a true …

Help with Halloween

Task of the Week: Help Hand Out Halloween Candy

Halloween isn’t exactly a stay-at-home holiday. There are costume parties to attend, kids to take trick-or-treating, and not nearly enough time to worry about how the kids in your neighborhood will feel about a closed and candy-less door. Toilet paper, eggs, smashed pumpkins — it’s tough out there for a house not doling out the sugary goods. So what do you do if you can’t make it to the candy bowl on Halloween? Take a cue from TaskPoster Charles L. and hire a TaskRabbit to pass out your snacks. While Charles takes his kids trick-or-treating, TaskRabbit Dana M. will be handling the candy duties at his house. Now that’s thinking ahead. TaskRabbits can also decorate your house, pick up your candy, and clean up after you Halloween party. All you have to do is go have fun.

Gallery of Awesome Halloween Costume Tasks

October is one of our favorite months for wacky and wonderful Tasks. Take, for example, this awesome Task that involves gutting dozens of pumpkins. Or this giant spider delivery Task. Last year, people even hired TaskRabbits to pass out Halloween candy for them. With all the unique holiday Tasks out there, we’re still partial to the ones that involve helping people whip up DIY Halloween costumes. Wondering what our favorite ones are so far this year? Glad you asked, because we can’t wait to share: Crafty TaskRabbits are busy building these costumes for members of our community. Need some help with your rad Halloween costume idea? There’s still time! Post your Halloween costume Task now.

The First Rule of Sandwich Club is…

August is National Sandwich Month. Do you understand what we’re saying here? National. Sandwich. Month. Shoving sandwiches in your mouth on the daily is totally acceptable until September 1st. Here at TaskRabbit HQ, we intend to honor the sandwich as fully and deliciously as possible. That’s why we started a little thing we like to call “Sandwich Club.” The mission of Sandwich Club is to eat sandwiches. We’ll be carrying out this mission all month long using the exclusive-to-San Francisco Deliver Now feature on the free TaskRabbit iPhone app. Wanna join us? San Franciscans who use Deliver Now for sandwich delivery four times will receive the 5th delivery on us. That’s a pretty tasty deal. Today, we begin the festivities with a delightful banh mi. What sandwich will you have for lunch today?    

Celebrate Father’s Day with Tasks for Dad

Mother’s Day trumps all other days in long-distance calling, flower delivery, mail volume, and restaurant reservations. It’s pretty much the “mother” of all holidays. By comparison, it seems like Father’s Day always gets second billing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Be he friend, significant other, relative, or your very own dear old Dad, show some love to the father in your life this weekend with a little help from TaskRabbit. He’ll appreciate it more than a tie. Here are some of our favorite ways TaskRabbits can help you delight Dad: Do his chores. A TaskRabbit can take care of mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, washing the car, and anything else on the chore list this weekend. Fire up the grill. Going to the game? Consider hiring a TaskRabbit to pick up the groceries and man the grill for the tailgating party. Plan a last-minute getaway. Post a virtual Task to plan a weekend of rafting, hiking, camping, or touring a local brewery. Bring him a sandwich. Everyone knows Dads love sandwiches. …

Task of the Week: Be Our Grillmaster

The weather’s been pretty awesome in San Francisco. We wouldn’t exactly call it “hot,” but this city that Mark Twain famously slandered for its bone-chilling summers has been bathed in sunshine for weeks. Maybe this incredible weather is why Vanessa N. and the other rad folks over at 140 Proof decided to throw a barbecue for their customers. They hired TaskRabbit Justin L. to man the grill and chat up the guests. Justin, of course, rocked the Task — and he looked pretty good in the apron, too! Planning your own barbecue for Memorial Day weekend? Here are some ways TaskRabbit can help: Grillmaster — TaskRabbits like Justin can hold court at your grill, so you can relax. Supply Run — Need ice? Beer? Extra chairs? Hire a TaskRabbit to deliver party supplies. Sous Chef — Need someone to slice the watermelon or whip up some appetizers? Extra Staff — From valet parking to kickball refereeing, TaskRabbits can help.  

Task of the Week: Show My Mom Some Love

You know who’s awesome? Your mom. Moms are superheroes that shape our lives, nurture our dreams, and make possible all that we accomplish. Yet when it comes to Mother’s Day, many of us still rely on generic greeting cards or overpriced, impersonal flower deliveries to say “Thank you.” As we traded stories about the amazing moms in our lives around TaskRabbit HQ today, we realized the solution to dishing out an amazing Mother’s Day has been right under our noses this whole time: Why not hire TaskRabbits? Not only can TaskRabbits pick out local flowers for your mom (at a way cheaper price than ordering online), they can help you make this Mother’s Day the most memorable one yet by building a totally unique and personal experience. Here’s what some of us on the TaskRabbit team plan to hire TaskRabbits for this Mother’s Day: “It’s hard living nearly 3000 miles away from your family (I live in SF and my family lives right outside NYC), particularly around holidays. As much as I want to celebrate …

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

If you plan to invite people over to spend this weekend devouring tacos and margaritas at a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, you’re going to need a little help. Whether you’re throwing a grown-up shindig or a kid-friendly party, you can hire a TaskRabbit to help with your celebration. TaskRabbits can keep your party going by: Grilling the carne asada Playing margarita bartender Picking up tacos from your favorite taqueria Handling the decorations Refreshing the guacamole and salsa Cleaning up before and after your guests arrive Delivering the beer and ice Not interested in having people over? You could also hire a TaskRabbit to research Cinco de Mayo events in your area.