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The Weekly Runner Report – All the Tasks Fit to Print

Hello Runners! Welcome to our new RUNNER REPORT featuring shout-outs to Superstar Runners, tips & tricks to help YOU make more $$$ plus answers to top questions I’ve received for the week. Welcome New Runners! Getting Started: To get started as a new Runner, simply sign in to your TaskRabbit account and download the RUNNER MANUAL available on the homepage. After reading through our handy-dandy manual, you can email me with any further questions or issues. RUNNER RALLY: Our next Runner Rally will be held on May 31st at Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, MA from 5-7pm. Join us for food, fun and Runner updates! SUPERSTAR OF THE WEEK! This Superstar Runner has been awarded 25 bonus points for awesomeness in the field of TaskRabbit Duty! Superstar – Amanda W. was hired to play with kittens for 30 minutes. She got to play with these adorable kittens AND got a 5 star rating PLUS a glowing review! Great job, Amanda, mixing work and play! For one night only, TaskRabbit became TaskKitten! *Taskin…ur duin it rite! …

Mother’s Day is Upon Us – An Intervention

Consider this an intervention of sorts. Look. Do us all a big favor this year and don’t buy mom that gas station bouquet of flowers. She said she liked it because she appreciates every little thing you do, but let’s be honest; you can do better. And those flowers didn’t smell very “flowery” anyway. Your last minute crappy gift ideas are hurting us all. You have 2 days to get it together. What can you get for Mom in 2 days or less? 3. Have flowers delivered from your fave floral shop. No time to pick them out and take them to Mom? TaskRabbit Runners are on call to help. 2. Write Mom a note about how much you appreciate her and have it hand delivered. By whom? A TaskRabbit Runner. 1. Give Mom what she really wants! Free up time in her day. Hire a TaskRabbit Runner to do chores for her. You can hire a Runner to help with one chore or a whole days worth of chores. No time to post? Buy …

Dog Treats – Not Just for Dogs

TaskRabbit is thrilled to team up with Polka Dog Bakery to offer home delivery of all of their goodies. We even offer a Dog Food/Treat Replenishment Program so that customers can automatically have their fave puppy food delivered right to their doorstep every few weeks as needed, because a high-quality product coupled with the convenience of delivery means no more hungry looks from you-know-who.

Calling All Runners to the Runner Incentive Program!

My Darling Runners, You are the bread and butter of RME. As I’ve said before, you are the wind beneath our wings. And to reward your amazing abilities we have instituted the RUNNER INCENTIVE PROGRAM! Each Runner will receive their own PERSONAL promo code that they can hand out to friends, family, associates, co-workers, parents, kids, neighbors, ANYONE! Email it around, phone your friends, post it on the wall at the gym, Tweet it, Facebook it…post it anywhere you can. Every time a new user posts an errand with your PROMO CODE, they get $15 off of their first errand and YOU get $5 cold hard cash. Say you get 20 new users to post an errand. Not only do you make money from running more errands, but you get an extra 5 bucks each time as a bonus! That’s an extra $100 in your pocket. Sweet. Don’t have a promo code yet? Email AMANDA@RUNMYERRAND.COM and demand that you get your promo code!