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Happy Father's Day

Hire a TaskRabbit, Make Dad Proud

So you waited until the last minute to arrange a Father’s Day gift? Relax, it’s not too late. TaskRabbits can help you delight the dads in your life. Awesome, friendly, dad-loving TaskRabbits can: Deliver everything he needs for a barbecue. Pick up and deliver that camping gear he’s had his eye on. Bring him a bottle of something good. Do his chores for the week. Play caddy for the day. Send Dad Some Love  

Boston harbor and skyline

Task of the Week: Send My Love to Boston

Like many of you, we’ve been mighty worried about Boston this past week. Not only is it our founding city, it’s also a place that many of us here at TaskRabbit HQ still call “home.” It’s been difficult to witness our neighbors, family, and friends go through this very trying week, knowing that there’s not much we can do to help from here in San Francisco. One thing we’ve learned this week is that any little bit of love can help bring some comfort. We’ve been truly inspired by the way our community is using TaskRabbit to help show Boston how much they care. From San Francisco’s Hunter W. hiring TaskRabbit Stacie S. to deliver some cookies to the Watertown Police Department to Ashley M. sending TaskRabbit Minh T. to buy a round of drinks for folks at a neighborhood bar, you guys are really showing some love to our neighbors in Boston. Keep it up!

Task of the Week: Bring Waffles to Me at the Airport

Ever been to The Waffle Window in Portland, Oregon? It’ll seriously change your life. We’re talking hot fudge sundae waffles, peanut butter and chocolate dipped waffles, and even waffle ice cream sandwiches. Yeah. There’s really no going back after a trip to The Waffle Window. But what if you’re only on a short layover at the Portland airport and there’s no time for a waffle run? That’s what happened to Theresa C., but she knew exactly what to do: she hired a TaskRabbit to bring her favorite waffles to the airport. Kate C. picked up the order from The Waffle Window, drove the waffles to PDX, and handed them off to Theresa without ever leaving her car. Have a layover coming up? What would you get delivered in Chicago? New York? London? Phoenix? Denver? Air travel will never be the same again.

Have You Tried One of the Top 6 Types of Business Tasks?

1. Office Errands Sometimes you just need a company-wide breakfast of bagels and bacon to get going on Monday. That’s why office managers and small business owners use TaskRabbit for food errands or any other errands your office needs. Post This Task 2. Deliveries  Bakeries, sandwich shops, and coffee companies in all our active markets use TaskRabbits as an on-demand delivery force. And no wonder — they’re fast, reliable, and you only hire them when you need them. Post This Task 3. Admin Support Professional TaskRabbits can handle all kinds of admin duties — virtually or in-house. More and more companies are trading the hefty temp agency fees and frustrations of freelance hiring in for the easy and secure experience of working with TaskRabbits. Data entry, travel planning, comparative research, filing — TaskRabbits are experts at it all. Post This Task 4. Event Staff Smart companies don’t take chances on event staffing. They hire TaskRabbits because they’re polished, friendly, and ready to work as bartenders, caterers, event planners, photographers, DJs, and more. Post This Task …