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How to make a room do double duty: tips for making a room multifunctional 

For a lot of us, the best kind of home decor is the kind that is both functional and fabulous. From a home office that doubles as a playroom to a living room that doubles as a bedroom, there is no reason a room can’t meet two of your needs, instead of just one. Whether you have a spare room or a small apartment, these tips will help you create a room that works for you and is capable of doing double duty. 1. Combine ideas that work best together in your space When thinking through which types of ideas you want to merge together consider the space you are working with and whether or not the ideas are compatible. A bedroom/kitchen? Probably not the best idea, unless you want your sheets smelling like your dinner. Some classic examples of ideas that work together include: bedroom/living room dining room/home office guest bedroom/playroom bedroom/gym The goal is to combine ideas that function well together in terms of aesthetics, space, and functionality. 2. Prioritize the main function …

Tangled Christmas Lights Help

Task of the Week: Let There Be Light

Sure, you could spend hours untangling holiday lights and weaving them into your tree only to discover the whole string has gone dark thanks to one little bulb you can’t seem to track down. You could attempt to shimmy up to the roof with a staple gun and shaking hands to transform your home into a winter wonderland. You could do those things, but wouldn’t it be nicer to have a friendly hand? Tons of TaskRabbits are holiday light enthusiasts and decor experts — ready to decorate, troubleshoot, and generally illuminate your December. They’re saving TaskPosters like Mary G. from making a tangled mess of their holiday decor. Couldn’t you use a hand with those lights?