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Boston harbor and skyline

Task of the Week: Send My Love to Boston

Like many of you, we’ve been mighty worried about Boston this past week. Not only is it our founding city, it’s also a place that many of us here at TaskRabbit HQ still call “home.” It’s been difficult to witness our neighbors, family, and friends go through this very trying week, knowing that there’s not much we can do to help from here in San Francisco. One thing we’ve learned this week is that any little bit of love can help bring some comfort. We’ve been truly inspired by the way our community is using TaskRabbit to help show Boston how much they care. From San Francisco’s Hunter W. hiring TaskRabbit Stacie S. to deliver some cookies to the Watertown Police Department to Ashley M. sending TaskRabbit Minh T. to buy a round of drinks for folks at a neighborhood bar, you guys are really showing some love to our neighbors in Boston. Keep it up!

A Cross-Country Rescue Mission

We talk a lot about how neighborly we are here at TaskRabbit and every now and then we hear a story that proves it in a big way. When our Director of UX, Sarah H., heard her sister was stranded in downtown Boston with no wallet and a nearly dead phone, she was worried. A continent away in San Francisco, there wasn’t very much she could do to help out. Then she remembered: She has neighbors in Boston. A whole lot of neighbors. Sarah posted a Task. It was picked up right away and, within 30 minutes, Boston TaskRabbit Christie G. had located her sister, given her some cash to get on a train home, then texted Sarah to confirm the rescue mission was a success. “I’m so glad I was able to help,” Sarah told us. “I know what it’s like to lose my wallet or drop my keys down the elevator shaft. I love that TaskRabbit made it possible for me to reach out to my sister who’s clear across the country.”

July’s TaskRabbit of the Month

July’s TaskRabbit of the Month is Diane H!  Diane is a Level 21 TaskRabbit in Boston, and has become somewhat of a celebrity among the Boston TaskRabbit community.  Diane has been with TaskRabbit over a year. She is rarely seen without a huge smile on her face and bunny ears on her head (as seen in the photo below) and even on her car, causing her to earn the nickname the “bunny lady”!  Diane has NEVER received less than a perfect 5.0 rating on any of her Tasks – which is amazing since she has completed well over a 100! Impressive! While we love Diane’s dedication to TaskRabbit, what we truly appreciate is the fact that she does TaskRabbit simply because she loves helping other people.  In Diane’s words, “I love the feeling of knowing I just made someone happy.” Diane deserves credit for more than just helping out TaskPosters though. Another major motivator for being a TaskRabbit is her family.  She often works with her 24-year-old son, Howie, who helps her out with certain …


Now that’s what we call a good, old fashioned, New England blizzard. With the whipping winds, blowing snow, parking bans, snow piles and more, it has us longing for the sweltering heat of July (by that time, of course, we’ll be complaining about the humidity

Runner Story of the Week

Every day TaskRabbit Runners are out in the community, meeting people, helping people, and doing amazing things.  Each Task isn’t just a Dry Cleaning pick up or a Post Office Run – it’s an hour saved in someone’s life.  That hour can be turned into a special moment with your kid, or that extra hour needed to really impress your boss at the office.  It’s invaluable time. Here is a great example of an amazing story that goes beyond Task running.  This is about making an impact in a family’s life and the invaluable return one mother got by using TaskRabbit.  From her Runner …. My best story in 3+ months of tasking was helping out a woman whose 20 year old son was receiving chemo and treatment for cancer at MGH. She wanted fresh, healthy food delivered to him from Whole Foods as well as a bunch of herbal and natural remedies and a soft, cozy blanket. She couldn’t make it out from California to take care of him, but asked me to give …

Rabbit Road Trip to SF!

Yes the rumors are true, as Scott Kirsner reported this morning, Kevin and I have decided to move west for the launch of in San Francisco. It was a tough decision to head west, and I’ve appreciated all the support from family and friends as we make this journey. I realize there is some rivalry between the two coasts, especially when we are talking about a certain city, but our reason for moving is simple. TaskRabbit has a somewhat unique model, in that we are hyper-local, we scale city by city. It is only natural at this early stage, as the Founder, I would want to ensure that everything goes perfectly in the second market. So in order to absolutely nail our launch in San Francisco, I want to be out there, learning the landscape, the neighborhoods, and the idiosyncrasies. After this second city, we will have learned enough about scaling of the model to go quickly after that. Our Boston-based operations team will remain in place the Cambridge office to support our East …

TaskRabbit Launches TaskRabbit Metrowest!

You called – We answered. We’ve had SO many requests for Runners in the Metrowest neighborhoods that we took things one step further and launched TASKRABBIT METROWEST! This marks the first official local launch of TaskRabbit. Who KNOWS where our next launch might be…it might even be in your neighborhood! What does this mean for TaskRabbit Members? You will now see a link to MY CITY in the upper right hand corner of Here, you can switch your city from TaskRabbit BOSTON to TaskRabbit METROWEST. Members in the Metrowest area can now post their tasks specifically to Metrowest Runners, which means more localized attention and speedier task pick ups. TaskRabbit is growing by LEAPS and BOUNDS (hop!) Whether you need a Runner to help you build Ikea furniture in the Greater Boston area OR you need coffee from Pete’s Coffee in Newton Center…there’s a Runner for that and they are right around the corner. Neighbors helping neighbors. It’s who we are and what we do. Spread the love. @TaskRabbit

Dog Treats – Not Just for Dogs

TaskRabbit is thrilled to team up with Polka Dog Bakery to offer home delivery of all of their goodies. We even offer a Dog Food/Treat Replenishment Program so that customers can automatically have their fave puppy food delivered right to their doorstep every few weeks as needed, because a high-quality product coupled with the convenience of delivery means no more hungry looks from you-know-who.