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Wanna Win a Free iPhone 5?

This morning, Apple announced the release of the iPhone 5. We can’t wait to get our hands on it. We plan to line up early. Really, really, really early. Want us to hold your place? TaskRabbits are standing by in New York and San Francisco to hold places in line on release day, Friday, September 21st. Reserve your spot today for just $55. Your assigned TaskRabbit will wait in line at your local Apple Store for up to 4 hours and swap places with you before you purchase the iPhone. Pretty sweet, huh? I want to skip the line! Not in these cities? No problem. Post a Task with your details here. It gets sweeter. Everyone who hires a TaskRabbit to wait in line at the Apple Store for this release will be entered to win a brand new iPhone 5. We’ll announce two winners on Thursday, September 20th. Don’t be like Brian, hire a TaskRabbit to wait in line for you today.

Tasking Apple’s WWDC

Attending Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco? We’re betting you want to spend your week coding, not running errands. Many of the TaskRabbit engineers are heading to the affair, along with a bunch of our developer friends who are flying in just for the occasion. We asked them what they plan to outsource to TaskRabbits during the conference, here’s what they came back with: “I plan to hire a TaskRabbit to wait in line for my badge.” We heard this one from pretty much everyone, and it’s no surprise. Although you’re the only one who can check-in, there’s no point in waiting in line all morning. “Run to the Apple Store.” Power cords and ethernet adaptors will be in short supply around the conference, and they’re easy to forget. TaskRabbits can make Apple Store runs for you. “Breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivery.” Dynamo Donuts, Ike’s, Marlowe, In-N-Out, Deli Board, Mission Pie, Little Star Pizza, Tartine… TaskRabbits can bring San Francisco’s best food right to you. “Bring me good coffee!” TaskRabbit developers regularly post Tasks …

Task of the Week: Conquer the iPad Lines at Apple Stores

Long lines snaking around Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores are becoming synonymous with the company’s much-anticipated product launches. In addition to a lengthy wait, San Franciscans hoping to be among the first to boot up Apple’s third-generation iPad this morning also had to contend with some long overdue winter temperatures and a steady downpour. That’s where TaskRabbit came in. TaskPosters turned to us to get their iPads to avoid the lines and miserable weather. TaskRabbits were out in full-force at Apple’s downtown location (along with other locations around the Bay Area and those in New York City and Los Angeles), holding line spots, handing out doughnuts, and spreading that trademark TaskRabbit cheer.