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Surprise! You Win!

Did you know that each week RunMyErrand chooses one random lucky winner to receive a prize from one of our top affiliates? It’s true!

Each week we choose either a random Sender or a random Runner to receive a super cool prize as a thanks for working with RunMyErrand!

This weeks winner is Tara Feld, a Sender who hired a Runner to help her sell her wedding dress. Tara won a box of

Winter Truffles from Hotel Chocolat Fine Chocolates.

Tara will have these chocolates delivered right to her doorstep by a Runner this week. Yum!

Everyone likes a little sunshine in their day. Will you be next weeks random lucky winner? If you have posted an errand or run an errand in the past week, you are eligible. It’s as easy as that. And you like prizes, doncha? Sure ya do.

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