Some news about Kobe, our Chief Inspiration Officer

I have some news to share about Kobe, our CIO. Kobe passed away on July 6th, after a brief struggle with Acute Leukemia. While we are, of course, deeply saddened, we feel extremely blessed to have had Kobe in our family over the past 12 years.

To honor and celebrate Kobe, we’ll be donating a portion of our proceeds this week (July 16-22) to Canine Companions for Independence. CCFI is a wonderful organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, entirely free of charge. Since TaskRabbit is all about empowering people to do the things they love, the CCFI mission resonates strongly with us, particularly in light of Kobe’s passing. We are honored to celebrate Kobe by supporting CCFI so they can help more and more people in need.

As many of you know, the idea for TaskRabbit occurred to me when I forgot to buy Kobe’s dog food on a cold Boston night in 2008. In honor of Kobe’s role in founding the company, all San Francisco dog food deliveries posted through the Deliver Now feature on our iPhone app this Friday, July 20th, will be delivered free of charge.

If you wish, please share your thoughts about Kobe via Twitter.


Founder & CEO, TaskRabbit


  1. Joe & Elaine Solivan says

    We will celebrate Kobe and his great Spirit by sending a donation to CCI xoxox

  2. Lori says

    What a beautiful boy! Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

  3. Leah,

    I’m sorry to hear about Kobe’s death. Ironically enough, my own dog Kobe was diagnosed with incurable cancer earlier this year:

    It’s a terrible thing. The silver lining is that finding out about a terminal illness gives you a chance to really appreciate (read: spoil) your dog before the end. I’m sure your Kobe was very well loved in his final days.

    P.S. I still remember hearing about TaskRabbit for the first time at an Influencer Series event a year or two ago. It’s been great to see the growth since then. Kobe would be very proud.

  4. Joe Solivan says

    Kobe was truly “an inspiration”… thanks for sharing him with us…!

  5. Chien-Yu Lin says

    We are sorry for your loss of Kobe. We are sure that he knew you and your family loved him dearly – almost as much as he loved you all. Now that he is at the Rainbow Bridge with all of the beloved pets, Kobe is likely hiring them for Rainbow TaskRabbit Runs – namely, visiting their parents occasionally in exchange for happy tears and memories.

  6. Catherine Asher says

    Leah and Kevin,
    I was shocked and so saddened to just read about this. I still remember when Kevin got him. I think he was the most well-traveled dog I’ve ever known…wine country, Redwood forest… 🙂
    He was such a sweetheart and I know how hard this time is for you all. Please know I’m thinking about you. Only time heals this kind of pain, but good for you all for celebrating his life in such a wonderful way.
    Love you both…and Kobe!

  7. Bob Chase says

    Leah and Kevin, I am so sorry for you. The memories won’t leave you. I know.

  8. Margaret R says

    Leah and Kevin, So sad to hear about Kobe. Our dogs are such a big part of our lives. Remembering him through CCFI is a wonderful idea.

  9. Kathy Umana says

    Leah & Kevin ~ I’m so sorry to hear about Kobe. He was such a great loving dog that brought a smile to anyone that knew him. My thoughts are with you both… XOXO

  10. Maryanne Flynn says

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Kobe, your beloved pet. It is so hard to lose a pet, especially one that has been in your life as long as Kobe had. My condolences. Maryanne

  11. Alanna says

    I have enter a post on Task Rabbit’s Facebook Page. I did not know if Leah and Kevin was able to see this. So I am posting again. KOBE was the best. He will be missed. I found out about this through a task posting for a Sender to meet Leah an Kobe. a couple of weeks ago. It was then I found out about KOBE 🙁

    As our CIO, KOBE certainly was inspiring. He would be there to greet me when I would go to Task Rabbit Headquarters. I remember one of my earlier tasks was to find a doggie fence for Task Rabbit’s first office in San Francisco, for what I thought was such a fabulous idea, having dogs at work with their humans.

    I will certainly make a contribution in KOBE’s name, to Canine Companions for Independence, also a fabulous idea.
    Alanna G.
    San Francisco Task Rabbit Runner since August 2010

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