Over the weekend Kobe had a lovely little run-in with monsieur skunk.  It was the first time in his (almost) 9 years of life that he’s gotten sprayed, and you have to imagine that we were quite surprised living in the city that this could happen here.  That being said, we do live in this funky little burrow that is rampant with wild life such as raccoons, hawks, birds, and squirrels.  Anyway, as soon as he walked in from his pre-bedtime outing, the odor was overwhelming.  We immediately threw him into the tub and scoured the house for tomato juice to pour over him.  Instead of tomato juice, all I could find was New England’s Best Bloody Mary Mix, homemade marinara sauce, and Ragu Traditional Old World Style spaghetti sauce.  Not really the ideal trinity of deodorizing products.  We dumped what we could onto his coat, but that skunk odor is just terrible to alleviate.  Not to mention suffocating when you are trapped in a small bathroom, with a wet dog, and hot, steamy, skunky water.

Someone recommended a product called "Skunk-Off", but I wasn’t sure where to get it, as I didn’t have any luck finding it at Petco or Target.  Thank goodness RUNmyERRAND Runner Nicholas M. was up for the task!  Fingers crossed that this will do the trick!


  1. Did you guys move back to central Mass? Skunks in the suburbs of Boston?! How long have I been gone? lol

  2. In case it happens again, try this product from BioWorld Products called BON-CC-41. It really is the best product for removing any kind of smell and it is very safe to use on pets and around the house, unlike some of the other products. I have used the skunk-off product but it didn’t help.

  3. I will be on the hunt for that product. Although the skunk-off *helped* initially … Kobe’s head still wreaks of skunk!! Even 3 weeks later. Crazy!! Thanks for the tip, JB!

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