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Service Networking: The next evolution of the web!

With RUNmyERRAND cranking away, it feels like a great time to take a step back and enjoy the 10,000 foot view of where we are now.  From the moment this idea was born on a cold winter evening almost 1 year ago (YES – 1 year ago!), the idea has been to use technology to make life more convenient.  We are solving an age old problem, that I’m certain even the cavemen experienced … think about all those berries and fire wood that needed to be gathered!  Even 5 years ago, the technology was not robust enough, not nearly utilized enough, to drive what we have built today.  Its about building a trusted service network.  Service networking … a phrase that I coined from day 1 is what is driving this model.  Sure its about outsourcing mini jobs and tasks on the web, but what we are actually doing is harnessing the power of a community.  A community that exists both on and offline.  Social networking has obviously become quite popular in recent years, and capturing this essence and leveraging it to get real things done in people’s every day life is some pretty exciting stuff!  I feel a surge of energy in my blood just writing about it.  It is the next evolution of the web 2.0 / social networking space.  Service networking is where is it at, and RUNmyERRAND is pioneering this new standard.

We’ve really established a personality along the way.  Its funny how a website, a company, can do that as it lives and breathes on its own.  Mini coopers are fun to drive, right?  Built well.  Convenient.  Efficient.  Trusted.  You can park anywhere and navigate around quickly.  RUNmyERRAND is like driving that hip, slick, ultra cool, mini cooper.  You get all the fun, without the large list price that goes along with it!  Unless of course you are a Zipster and car share the mini cooper in your neighborhood.  In that case, you know exactly what I am talking about!!

As the last line in the RUNmyERRAND in 90 Seconds video states ….  “Welcome to the new phase of social networking, its service networking, its”.  And that’s the 10,000 foot view.