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Send a Santa Anywhere in San Francisco

Send a Secret Santa San Francisco

Santa will deliver anywhere in San Francisco on Thursday.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send Santa anywhere in San Francisco? Wouldn’t it be even better if he delivered your favorite Trader Joe’s treats to your favorite people? For one day only, we’re making it happen.

BEFORE NOON TODAY ONLY: Use Deliver Now to send a Secret Santa from Trader Joe’s to anywhere in San Francisco for only $5.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a lucky loved one to receive your Secret Santa gift, then decide which awesome Trader Joe’s treat you’d like to send them.

2. Post a Deliver Now Task with the details (be sure to include your loved one’s name and phone number along with the delivery address) between 10-noon for only $5.

3. A TaskRabbit (wearing a Santa hat, naturally) will decorate the gift with a bow and deliver it to your loved one by 5pm with a card that says, “Happy Holidays from Your Secret Santa.”

Ready to send Santa somewhere? Fire up your TaskRabbit app or head to the Deliver Now page.

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