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Runner Story of the Week

Every day TaskRabbit Runners are out in the community, meeting people, helping people, and doing amazing things.  Each Task isn’t just a Dry Cleaning pick up or a Post Office Run – it’s an hour saved in someone’s life.  That hour can be turned into a special moment with your kid, or that extra hour needed to really impress your boss at the office.  It’s invaluable time.

Here is a great example of an amazing story that goes beyond Task running.  This is about making an impact in a family’s life and the invaluable return one mother got by using TaskRabbit.  From her Runner ….

My best story in 3+ months of tasking was helping out a woman whose 20 year old son was receiving chemo and treatment for cancer at MGH. She wanted fresh, healthy food delivered to him from Whole Foods as well as a bunch of herbal and natural remedies and a soft, cozy blanket. She couldn’t make it out from California to take care of him, but asked me to give her a report on him each time I did a task for them– how did he look? (tired) Had he lost his hair (no – still very fuzzy) Was he enjoying the food and other goodies I was bringing him (yes – better than hospital food for sure). We talked almost daily for a week until he was released from the hospital. I felt that the tasks I was doing was vital to this family and that in a way, I had become very close to them in a very short time. It was a great experience.

– Michelle

What amazing TaskRabbit stories do you have to share?  We know you are out there.  Runners and Senders alike – we want to hear the impact our Runners are making on your life – saving you time, saving you money, and saving your sanity!  You can share comments below, or email us your story and we’ll feature it in our next amazing story entry.