Remy’s gone to the dogs!

I mentioned in the original Charlestown Patriot Bridge article, that the idea for RUNmyERRAND came when we were out of dog food one night and were our way out to dinner at Masa in the South End.  We had already called a cab, so there was no way to run out quickly before the cab came, and there was also no way we could let the big meat head go starving, even for one night.  We bounced around ideas to get dog food … calling a neighbor and borrowing a cup, asking the cab to stop on the way home, but none of these seemed ideal.  That is when Remy was born …

"If we offered the right price … there has to be someone out there that would purchase the dog food, and leave it at our door, so Kobe can eat when we get home later".

Solving this very problem, RUNmyERRAND welcomes Polka Dog Bakery in the South End as one of our newest "Biz Senders"!  Now you can get your dog and cat food, treats, and other delicious polkadogbakery goodies delivered right to your door. Call the retail store to arrange delivery: 617.338.5155.  This is perfect for someone who buys their dog food from Polka Dog, but can’t always get over there before they run out.  With a quick phone call, you can have dog food waiting for your little meat head, and avoid this major conundrum!  We did a test run last week, and sent Kobe an early Christmas present from the Polka Dog Store:

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