Remember the Milk…wait, milk?

May 19, 2010

RTM Kills Your To-Do Lists
RTM Kills Your To-Do Lists

Fact: Life is busy.

While innovations like smartphones and laptops have made things more convenient in a number of ways, they have also managed to make our everyday lives more hectic, simply by virtue of the common sentiment that everything is easier to do, and you’re expected to get it all done, so how do you prioritize tasks? (*Must remember, take heartburn meds after eating Buffalo wings…)

Thankfully, someone turned me on to Remember the Milk. (Should have named it “Remember the Heartburn Meds…”)

The premise is simple: it’s a way to keep your tasks, duties, responsibilities, etc., organized and prioritized; a to-do list with some very clever features.

Simply type whatever task you’ve got to remember and RTM will add it to your list in order of priority and due date (you can specify all of these details when creating the task or you can edit them later on). There are folders for work, personal (eat fewer wings), study, and an “inbox” within your account.

In a feature I’m particularly fond of, for creating a due date and time, you can just type “next Thursday at 5pm” and it will appear in the proper place on your list. There’s the traditional RTM website as well as a smartphone App, which of course syncs up with your online account. I could write more about specifics, but you should just check it out yourself.

*Full disclosure, we’re not affiliated with them, but for me personally and for the TaskRabbit Team, it has been incredibly useful for making my life more organized and generally easier (that’s what we’re all about at TaskRabbit; making life easier). One final note, on my Droid phone, a light blinks green when the screen’s off to let me know that I have a text message, email, etc., but for the reminders I get from RTM, it blinks blue. I found this very exciting, maybe too exciting (ask my officemates), but it was just another great feature of a very useful tool.

Thanks Remember the Milk! And away I go to Remember the Tums…