Community + Neighborhoods, TaskRabbit for Business and Raising a Better Tomorrow

We take great pride in the role TaskRabbit plays in helping companies thrive. When those companies are structured to empower nonprofits, campaigns, and personal causes to get the rocket fuel they need to change the world — well, then we just can’t stop smiling. This week,  we caught up with Sachi Doctor, Marketing and Communications Manager for, to learn more about the organization’s commitment to helping people raise money for what matters. Sachi shared some of her favorite projects, along with a vision for The Cause Economy of the future.

What’s the mission of
“ is an online social fundraising tool that harnesses the power of storytelling, making it easy to raise more money for what matters. Through a streamlined donation process, helps you grow your network of supporters as you turn each donor into a potential fundraiser. These champions can share your story through Facebook, Twitter, or email, and create their own personalized version of your donation page. With powerful, yet easy to understand analytics, tracks what works, helping you refine and hone your message.” [pullshow]

How do TaskRabbits help out the team?
“TaskRabbits have helped in a variety of ways: shopping, pickup/delivery, assembling furniture, office cleaning, storage organizing, and more! TaskRabbits have even helped with data entry, later used by our data team to better understand and optimize fundraising. TaskRabbits have been especially integral in the setup and function of our incubator for non-profits and socially conscious organizations, RallyPad.”

What made you decide to use TaskRabbit?
“We were looking on Craigslist for folks to do various jobs but it was so difficult to choose because individuals had similar descriptions — it was as if they were copied from one another! We didn’t have enough confidence in what we were seeing and didn’t feel comfortable putting all our trust in their word, because of course, they were selling their services.

“Conversely, TaskRabbit really appeals to us because we can read authentic reviews of the TaskRabbits. Your background checks, “Meet the TaskRabbits” section, and frictionless transaction save us the time consuming search for lowest price with capable hands. Also, having access to an organized account with Task history, etc. has made it easy to quickly engage and get things done.”

Can you tell us about a few of your favorite projects?
“Each week we highlight rallies on our Stories page. These particular individuals and groups are using Rally in incredible ways to transform their lives — and the world around them. From Costa Rican visionary Alvaro Salas who raised $100,000 to go to Cornell, to Reverend Oliver While who raised money to save his church from foreclosure, to Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation, currently raising money to rebuild New Jersey in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, our platform provides a place for anyone to fundraise for what matters to them.”

How do you envision the future of crowdfunding social change?
“We talk less about “crowdfunding” per se and more about sparking The Cause Economy. [pullthis]The Cause Economy, layered with rich stories and donor engagement, is the next decade of consumer experience. is built to power this emerging economy.[/pullthis]

“Many of your users see this economy when they purchase Tom’s Shoes, which couples good business practices with socially conscious practices. We believe companies will increasingly replicate Tom’s Shoes and will use to understand what consumers value. In this new paradigm, stories and causes will drive purchasing, donations, and sales.”

In addition to supporting TaskRabbit, a leader in the collaborative economy, what other ways does walk the walk of social responsibility?
“Our incubator, RallyPad, is a launch site for a better tomorrow. In September 2011, went to the Clinton Global Initiative and made this space our commitment to action. It’s an incubator and workspace for non-profits and social entrepreneurs, and our members have the opportunity to consult for free with expert mentors while enjoying some awesome perks. They’re collaborating on visionary projects like making Internet access a human right, reducing food waste in America, and re-imagining scientific research. In addition, we also have an ambassador/scholarship program where we pay the way to relevant conferences, events, and workshops for our RallyPad members.”

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