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Praise For The Heroes Who Task

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter the ways we all live and work, we’ve been heartened to see Taskers stepping up to help their neighbors. From grocery shopping to picking up medications for loved ones across the world, Taskers are helping people get their essential needs met. This is what our community has been saying about these local heroes.

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“My Tasker was an absolute lifesaver during these trying times. She deserves all the positive reviews and more. I’m out in Switzerland and needed something sent to me that my Father could not leave the house to send (high risk elderly population with respiratory issues). She followed the most detailed instructions and made the whole process seamless. The best part was that she did her own research about any possible setbacks the USPS may have when delivering to Switzerland, informed me, and we were able to work something out. She was professional, CLEAN (super important at these times) and very considerate.” — Farah A.

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“I hired a Tasker to do grocery shopping while I’m in quarantine. He accepted a long detailed grocery list with qualifications about substitutions. He texted me when a question came up. He brought me great food, on time, and left it all where I asked him to.” — Carolyn P.

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My Tasker was sweet and resourceful in the midst of the chaos and supplied me with everything I needed! It was amazing 💗” — Nayla K.

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“Outstanding service and exceptional attention to details! My Tasker picked multiple meds for my mother at this difficult time of Coronavirus’ epidemics. I highly recommend!” – Olga I.

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“My Tasker was super punctual and helpful. We’re quarantined and she came through with all our groceries. It means so much to us!” — Priscilla S.

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