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Our Runners are Entrepreneurs

In case you missed it last week, check out our appearance on The Today Show.  The angle was supporting folks who are unemployed with a flexible way to make money on the side.  The reporters wanted to know if more Runners are getting involved during this ‘down economy’.  The truth is, that when we launched TaskRabbit in September 2008, it was the very beginning of this recession.  We have never known anything different, and we are happy to provide a flexible options for those in between jobs.

What’s even more interesting is the notion that in any recession or tough economic time is when entrepreneurs are born, and we are empowering our Runners at TaskRabbit to be entrepreneurs – in charge of their own schedules and work environments.  We’ve even got some very exciting functionality queued up on the product side 100% focused on this notion, so stay tuned!

Take super star Runner Briana B, who just opened her own retail shop in San Francisco called Urban Bazaar.  An active member of the Etsy community, Briana, is leveraging her special skills and passion to do something that she loves.  She is one of our top Runners at TaskRabbit, further underscoring how our Runners are entrepreneurs.  Go Briana, and go Rabbits!

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