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My Productivity Secret: Let the Dogs In


Guest blogger Aaron Hirschhorn, along with co-founder Karine Hirschhorn, converted his love for dogs into DogVacay, a community for dog owners who want an alternative to kennels and the hosts who are willing to bring them into their homes. Follow Aaron and DogVacay on Facebook and on Twitter @DogVacay.

My life has gone to the dogs … literally. As CEO of DogVacay, the largest peer-to-peer community for pet services, my day is consistently full. And most of those activities are the same things that you see from CEOs on a regular basis: [pullshow]

  • I meet with my top lieutenants for brief daily meeting so that we can be 100% aligned on our goals as a company.
  • We re-evaluate our top priorities on a regular basis to avoid duplicating work and ensure that we’re focused on the highest value items.
  • I regularly simplify the processes we use daily. This has helped me tackle the pile instead of doing the same things all of the time.
  • I am religious about reading emails and listening to messages and physically flagging those that require follow-up so that no communication falls through the cracks.
  • Keep the mundane, day-to-day stuff off my plate by using great services like TaskRabbit for the things I just don’t have time to — but absolutely must — get done.

[pullthis]All of those things keep me on the path and moving both the company and myself forward. But the REAL secret to my productivity lies in what I do for a living. I always remember that the very nature of what we are doing with DogVacay is fun.[/pullthis] Every day I bring my dog — a golden retriever mix named Rocky — to work with me. I walk her at least twice during the course of the day, so I can get outside and clear my head. It is my grown-up timeout. I encourage my staff to bring their dogs, so on a daily basis there are seven or eight dogs running around our offices. Puppy love keeps stress low and morale high.

Of course it is serious business, but we are in the world of dogs and if you can’t have fun going to work every day with that, then you are in trouble.