Mother’s Day is Upon Us – An Intervention

May 7, 2010

Consider this an intervention of sorts.

Look. Do us all a big favor this year and don’t buy mom that gas station bouquet of flowers. She said she liked it because she appreciates every little thing you do, but let’s be honest; you can do better. And those flowers didn’t smell very “flowery” anyway. Your last minute crappy gift ideas are hurting us all.

You have 2 days to get it together.

What can you get for Mom in 2 days or less?

3. Have flowers delivered from your fave floral shop. No time to pick them out and take them to Mom? TaskRabbit Runners are on call to help.

2. Write Mom a note about how much you appreciate her and have it hand delivered. By whom? A TaskRabbit Runner.

1. Give Mom what she really wants! Free up time in her day. Hire a TaskRabbit Runner to do chores for her. You can hire a Runner to help with one chore or a whole days worth of chores. No time to post? Buy Mom a gift card to TaskRabbit. We’ll handle the rest.

We are here to help you find just the right gift for Mom. Call us, email us or chat with us live. We can talk you through this, and maybe this will be the year that your siblings don’t outshine you in the gift-giving realm.



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