TaskRabbit Team

Meet the Team: Julian R.

As a locksport enthusiast, Head of Mobile Development Julian R. can gain entry to just about anywhere. Maybe that’s how TaskRabbit landed a spot on the Apple App Store’s list of Best Disruptive Service Apps of 2012. Julian’s also a sucker for spies, puppies, and the TaskRabbit community.

Julian R Mobile TaskRabbitFavorite Book: Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson
Beverage of Choice: Pisco Sour
Favorite TV Show: “Burn Notice. I’m a sucker for spy shows and movies.”
Favorite Place to go in the Bay Area? The Ferry Building
Secret Addiction: “I do large quantities of code.”
Favorite Joke: “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? Inevitably, most people pick ‘R,’ but pirates love the ‘C.'”
Best Task He’s Seen Posted: “Create a puppy petting pen for the office!”
Favorite Thing About TaskRabbit: “The people! The TaskRabbits and people in the office are always so kind, talented, and understanding.”


  1. RJ Mendenhall says

    Who can tell me how to get my city/area registered for Task Rabbit?? Is there something I can do to facilitate it?

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